San Diego Haunted Locations

Disclaimer for San Diego Haunted Locations and Places please read: There is no factual basis (yet)  to prove Ghosts or Haunting’s. All locations listed should be considered private property, and any state or local laws regarding trespassing must be adhered to.  

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Personal Rental Property Claremont Ghost October 2023 update

Thorn Street Brewery Ghost

Grossmont Reading Cinema Ghost

Barrett Ranch House Abandoned structure and Ghost

The Crash of PSA Flight 182 And The Possible Ghost That Remains
Lakeside Historical Society Church and Museum Ghost 
Haunting in Deluz Housing Inchon Street 
Rancho Buena Vista Adobe Ghost and Haunted
The Avo Playhouse Ghost  or Avo Theater Ghost and Haunted
Poway Dearborn Memorial Park Ghost and Haunted
Ghosts of Victorian Village in Heritage Park
Seaport Village the graves and ghosts of Dead Man’s Point
Mount Pisgah Cemetery Alpine Ghosts and Haunted
Pine Valley Ghost Private Residence Haunt  
Elfin Forest Paranormal Ghost Haunt  
10th Tenth Avenue Theater Arts Center Ghost Haunt Paranormal, previously the First Baptist Church of San Diego. 
The Julia Liffreing House Ghost Haunt- Hillsdale Ranch Clubhouse El Cajon Ca Ghost Haunt 
Pacific Beach haunted historic home on Chalcedony St 
Susan Marie Driscoll murders and ghost haunt La Mesa 
Ocean Beach Ghost of Joyce Swindle and the Zodiac Killer 
Lake Morena Paranormal Ghost Haunt  
Alpine Cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt
Area 41 Nautilus St Camp Pendleton ghost
Plaza Cinema 4 Ghost Haunt Spirit
Mount Helix cross mt. ghost haunt spirit cry La Mesa ghost bride
Bonita Vista Highschool
Proctor Valley Road
Hilltop RD it is Hilltop Drive and Tamarindo Way
Jogger on Beach in front of Hotel Del Coronado Ghost Spirit Haunt
Kfc / Tacobell / Pizza Hut Ghost Spirit Haunt
Hotel Del Coronado Ghost Spirit Haunt
Delmar California ghost paranormal haunt
Home Residence El Cajon Ghost Haunt Spirit
Chase Avenue Ghost Lights
Southwest High school high ghost spirit haunt
El Senior de los Lodos Folklore Mexicana
Ghost hunting at the Desert View Tower in Jacumba
Haven Bakery Ghost Haunt Spirit [ Demolished ]
The Julian Hotel Ghost Spirit Haunt
Muirlands Middle School Ghost Spirit Haunt
La Mesa Shadow hill Ghost Spirit Haunt
El Monte Rd. Residence Barn Ghost Spirit Haunt
Spanish estate lakeside Ghost Haunt Spirit
Screaming Tree Willow Road Ghost Spirit
Private Residence Lakeside Home House Ghost Spirit Haunt
Mt. Vernon Home Ghost Haunt Spirit
Convalescents Home Lemon Grove Care Ghost Haunt
Kentucky Fried Chicken Lemon Grove
Sweetwater High School Paranormal Ghost Haunt
Hunter Steakhouse Ghost Haunt Spirit
El Camino High School Ghost Spirit Haunt
Presidio Park Ghost Spirit Haunt
Whaley House Mother and Child ghost haunt
Mission Hills Park Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park aka Pioneer Park cemetery ghost haunt
La Casa De Estudillo Ghost Haunt
McConaughy House Paranormal Ghost Haunt [ No longer considered Active ]
El Campo Santo Cemetery Ghost Haunt Spirit
Whaley House Ghost Haunt tour spirit poltergeist
USS Midway Ghost Haunt Spirit (CV-41) -(CVB/CVA/CV-41) 
Scripps Ranch Cara Knott Sam Knot murder paranormal ghost spirit haunt 
Sea World Paranormal Ghost Haunt
William Heath Davis house ghost & haunt & spirit & paranormal
Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition
Old Point Loma Lighthouse ghost & haunt & California
Point pt Loma Rosecrans national cemetery ghost haunting
Man in wheelchair Ghost Haunt Spirit
El Cortez Hotel Ghost Haunt Spirit
Star of India Ghost Haunt Spirit tour
MCAS Miramar Ghost Haunt Spirit
Downtown Solar Turbines Ghost & Haunt
Nijiya market Ghost Paranormal Urban Legend
Taco Bell Mission Valley Ghost Haunt
McDonalds Miramar Road
A Haunting in Hillcrest | Ghosts Paranormal
F6ix Night club formerly Sin Night club Downtown San Diego Ghost
Spirit Call Ghost Loved Me
Apartment La Roca Plaza Ghost Haunt Spirit
1913 Edgemoor Dairy Barn Ghost Haunted | Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital Ghost Haunt
Lakeview Manor Mobile Lodge Ghost Haunt Spirit
Lomita Village LV Paranormal Ghost Haunt
Legendary San Dieguito Park Ghost Haunt of Leandro Osuna
Personal Residence Condo Unit South of Pioneer Park – Ravine Ghost Haunt
Denny’s Pacific Highway Ghost Haunt [ closed for business ]
Santee Sand Pits | San Diego River Ghost Haunt
Mule Hill Personal Residence Ghost Haunt

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San Diego Haunted Definition: Haunting (present) | Haunted (past is the suspected presence of ghosts , spirits of the deceased, or demonic entities interfering with the living. Common belief suggests Haunting’s may occur by location, associated objects, or even from living persons.

San Diego , California ( pronounced / sae’ n ‘de ‘ egg’ o  /)  : is a semi-coastal Southern city in California located in the south-western corner of the continental United States. 2006, the city’s population was estimated to be 1,256,952.  It is the 2nd largest city in California and the 8th largest city in the United States of America by population.
Colonial Period
This area had long since been inhabited by the Kumeyaay indians. The first European to explore the area was Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. A long resident of Spanish America Cabrillo was employed by Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza to explore California’s interior regions. In 1542, Rodriquez Cabrillo  explored and self-named what is now known as San Diego, San Miguel.
The area of San Diego California bay and the present-day interior San Diego were renamed 60 years later by Sebastián Vizcaíno. Explorers under  Sebastián Vizcaíno staged near a Native American camp called Nipaguay. They honored mass in celebration of San Diego de Alcala (Saint Didacus of Alcalá). California was, at the time ,part of the Vice royalty of New Spain commissioned under the Audiencia of Guadalajara.