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The San Diego Haunted Graves Project is dedicated to a single purpose, knowledge. We believe that behind every grave is a story waiting to be told. Throughout the year we visit local cemeteries and leave a memento noting when a random grave was visited by one of our team. Why? So the departed are not forgotten and hopefully, their story can be told. Using available resources we try to gather as much information such as obituaries, news articles, etc., and paint a picture of the person so the deceased are not lost to antiquity. If you are visiting this page and know information please share.
<hr>Graves Visited January 11th, 2017 at Green Wood Cemetery in San Diego, California by Dan and Denise Scott.
Marco Antonio Sanchez January 4, 1996 – June 26, 2012 and Maria Angelica Sanchez  October 13, 2000 – June 26, 2012
C.  Duane Schoolcraft August 13, 1940 – July 1, 1999 – AKA Clarence Duane Schoolcraft
Oakley V. Morgan Sr. 1895-1954
Jason Scot Campbell August 5, 1987
Clovis L Hill March 22, 1920 – July 13, 2007
Ruby Ruth Young  December 21, 1905 – June 16, 1977
Mary Lucile Rother July 8, 1908 – June 16, 1978
Peggy O. McGarigle December 12, 1940 – October 31, 1998
Lou Vang – Vu January 8, 1981 – April 21, 2017
Paul Sherman Hunt 1889-1931
J. Clara B. Boehmke 1892-1973
Joseph E Havlik 1891-1975
Niels Lars Hakkerup 1876-1958 and Anna V 1885-1955
Florence Stewart 1873-1952
(kitty) Bernice R. Harmeling 1887-1958
James C. Burtner 10/2/1948 10/21/1969
Grace M. Hemke 8/5/1906-10/24/1957
Catherine Lee Ulrich 10/2/1921 08/12/1979
Mary Beebe MacMillan 1909-1990 artist
Donald E Horn 12/24/1933-08/07/2006 (Rita M. June/14/1935 alive)
Ralph R. White 1884-1968 /   Georgiana E. 1878 1961
Anna E Carpenter 04/14/1886-05/30/1968

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