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First I’d like to start off by saying I am fully aware and convinced that these elements, spirits or what have you do exist because I have witnessed them in a few places that I lived. The events defied explanation but were mostly harmless in nature. That is, except for one place.

It was a rental property of my mother’s in Claremont that needed to be cleaned up and made ready for new tenants to move in. It was left in a huge mess and needed a lot of work. My other half is very sensitive to “residual energy” left over by events that took place in the past. We walked through the house on the 1st day to see what had to be done and assess damages. When we went into the garage he said it made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. He said he also felt sick to his stomach and had to get out of there.

So a few weeks later, once we got all the trash, debris and car parts removed from the property, the garage had a lake of engine cleaning fluid that had to be soaked up. My boyfriend had to go work his regular job so I went to the rental early one morning by myself to finish cleaning the oily residue the cat litter didn’t soak up. It was raining lightly and still cold outside so I left the big garage door closed and latched and took my cleaning bucket in from the back yard patio door that went into the garage.

So I had a bucket of hot water, a broom, Comet Cleanser for scrubbing, and Dawn dishwashing soap to cut the grease. I poured the hot water over the surface and sprinkled the Comet from wall to wall. Scrubbed it in with the broom and then grabbed the Dawn bottle. I started in one corner and began making large S shapes with the liquid soap when all of a sudden my throat and lungs felt like they were on fire. I looked behind me and there was a white chemical smoke in graduated size from 4 feet high where I started in the corner, down to inches where I was pouring the soap by my side. I knew I had to hold my breath and try to get to the door because it was getting worse. It seemed like it took forever because I had to make sure I didn’t slip. I got to the doorway and literally dove out head first onto the patio choking and gasping for air. My throat and lungs were sore for a week.

Come to find out, the dish soap used to have ammonia in the formula but you couldn’t tell because it was masked by the scent. And Comet has bleach. Bleach and ammonia was one of the ways the Nazis gassed and killed thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. Without a doubt, had I slipped and fallen in that garage with my face down in that chemical mixture I know it would have killed me. That night before I went to bed after I got home, I got down on my knees next to my bed. I prayed and cried for all those men, women, and children in Nazi Germany who died such a horrible agonizing death of which I only got a small taste of what they felt. I prayed and told them how sorry I was that they had to be taken prisoner and have their life ended so painfully and senselessly.

It was pretty obvious by the things we found at the rental, that the former tenants had been dabbling in Satanic worship. There were black candles that had been burned down on the patio, I found a cigar box in the garage that had a dead mouse and a chicken foot like they use in voodoo. There was an ethnic slur finger painted in what looked like blood on the wall in the garage which I won’t repeat here. There was a chain over the rafter in the garage. In the lower yard, there was a wooden cross with a goat skull at the top. I didn’t think much of it at the time other than it seemed to go along with all the needles and drug paraphernalia we found on the property. My mother told me, “But he seemed like such a nice young man. He told me he was a minister.” Oh he was a minister alright! I’m convinced without any doubt what so ever that something in that garage was trying to kill me.

The fact it was the only day that I was there alone, the fact that it was raining and cold so the garage door was still closed and latched so there was little to no ventilation, the fact that I was already aware that ammonia and bleach are a deadly combination but Dawn hadn’t changed the formula yet, the fact that the soapy substance made a slippery surface that I had to walk on carefully and slowly to the doorway holding my breath even longer, And finally, my other half telling me weeks earlier, he didn’t like the garage and didn’t like going in there because he sensed something really bad.

I just knew there was work that needed to be done and didn’t think much about any of it. The cabinet doors and all the interior doors had been painted in blood red enamel by the minister or his friends. I brought the doors back home to strip the paint off and re-paint them. The paint stripper fluid got most of it off but they had to be sanded to get all of it. I was using a pretty heavy duty belt sander that they call a “worm drive”. I’m careful with tools be it sanders or kitchen knives. I rarely get even a paper cut. He was at work and I was on the last door with the sander. He said I must have turned the belt too far and it probably dug in. It’s possible, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t tilt the sander. I’ve been doing this for years. The sander grabbed on something and bowled me down the whole length of the door head first. I got scraped up a bit but could have been injured a lot worse. I know if those doors would have been from my mother’s other rentals, it wouldn’t have happened.

I don’t know how I knew but I just did. My mother didn’t have any luck with good tenants after she evicted the minister for non-payment of rent. Everything that could go wrong did and she finally sold the house. My boyfriend and I called it the “House from Hell”. What I learned from that experience? If someone who’s sensitive tells you they don’t like going into a room or to a place because they get an uneasy feeling from something bad? Avoid it like the plague!

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