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San Diego Haunted Places And Locations

Hi, my name is Dan Scott the administrator of San Diego Haunted Places and Locations. I am also a native San Diego resident and have called San Diego my home since 1979. I became interested in the paranormal, ghosts, hauntings, haunted phenomena, or apparitional experiences at an early age.

We live(d) in what my family and I consider a haunted or paranormal house. My parents bought the San Diego, Encanto area house in 1976, knowing the previous owners three year old daughter had died inside the house from choking on a deflated balloon. The girl died in the very same room I would grow up in.

Let The Paranormal In San Diego Begin

The haunting was very benign in nature. Things would disappear and then reappear in spots already checked; cold and warm spots also existed throughout the house. Additionally, strange electrical phenomena would occur such as ball lightning and St. Elmo’s fire. The activity reached its peak starting when I was 7 years old and culminating by my 10th birthday. Late at night, strange noises and the appearance of the ”shadow figure” became common.

Everyone in the house experienced the shadow person at one point or another. Sometimes it would linger hovering over you. As soon as you blinked your eyes once, however, it would be gone. It was too large to be the little girl that died. The figure stood about 6 feet tall, was of average weight and featured a triangular shaped head. It was also completely pitch black and silent, which terrified me as a child. While I eventually stopped seeing the shadow figure, the memory of this apparition still haunts me to this day.

Residence-investigation-2017 photo taken from a haunted place location in San Diego, CA
San Diego haunted place location investigation-2017

San Diego Haunted Places Meets Hattie The Trickster

Not every paranormal experience that occurred here was frightening. Throughout my childhood, things would disappear for no apparent reason. My mother convinced it was a benign spirit playing games with us took to calling this spirit Hattie. Whenever an object went missing that we knew hadn’t simply been misplaced, we would ask Hattie to return the object to us – and believe it or not, it worked every time. While all of us who lived in the home experienced paranormal activity for many years, as of this writing the activity has ceased.

San Diego Haunted Places and Location Group Photo
San Diego Haunted Places and Location Group Photo

In closing, I founded this website in 2007 with the goal of helping others find information about hauntings in San Diego, CA and to offer help where needed. I hope you will enjoy this site, and reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have.
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