The Crash of PSA Flight 182 And The Possible Ghost That Remains


The Crash of PSA Flight 182 And The Possible Ghost That Remains

PSA flight 182 ghost 1978 North Park San Diego PSA Plane Crash
PSA flight 182 ghost 1978 North Park San Diego PSA Plane Crash

The Crash of PSA Flight 182 And The Possible Ghost That Remains: My family moved into a residence in the 9000 block of Nile St In San Diego’s North Park Community around 1985. Aware the residence had been resurrected from the ashes of the horrific events of the 1978 collision/crash of PSA flight 182 , my parents still bought the house. I was very young at the time of moving into our home. As such I didn’t have any understanding of what had occurred in 1978. That however would change pretty fast.

It all started the first night of sleeping alone In my own bedroom at our new home. A reoccurring ghost dream that only ceased when I moved out a few years ago. In the dream I am what appears to be a male pilot of some type of airplane. I can vaguely make out idle chit chat from passengers and the hum of engines. Everything seems perfect. It appears to a sunny day out based on what I see from the cockpit the earth far beneath me. I feel at peace here.  

Then in this moment beautiful bliss everything changes. That horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize something is wrong takes over. There’s a frenzy beeps and lights going off, idle chit chat changed to screams and chaos. I go through the motions of what to do to stabilize the situation but I already know there’s no way out the.  

Most of the time at this point I perceive a loud bang everything goes black and I jerk myself awake and scream for mom or dad. Every now and then however everything goes black but then I get this sudden feeling of euphoria, like everything is going to be alright, at this point I open my eyes and for the briefest of time I see the silhouette of  man standing and emitting a soothing presence through his smile. At those times I peacefully close my eyes and drift back to sleep protected by this vision.

As a teenager I finally learned about the crash of PSA flight 182. I did my own research and learned about the crash and devastation. I also read online that some local ghost hunters were doing paranormal sessions near my house.

To this day I feel like he (the pilot) is part of me and watching over me. When I’m scared or stressed I see him in my mind emitting that presence of peace and tranquility. As for my family they never had my dreams. They experienced what I suppose you would call a “normal haunting”. Dishes every now and then sliding off the table crashing below. Cupboard doors opening and closing for no reason. Late night knocking on walls the occasional drowned rummer of people talking when no one else is around. And very seldom a pitch black shadow figure gracefully moving across the wall. Is it the presence of my pilot from the dreams? Is it the ghost of one of the crew from PSA flight 182?

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