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Theater 6 at Grossmont Reading Cinema is supposedly haunted. I visited the movie theater in June of 2022. My movie was showing in theater number five and upon reaching the ticket checking station I observed several employees discussing the “ghost” in theater number six. I joined in the conversation and was warned to not stray accidentally into theater six since five was adjacent to it. According to the staff of Grossmont Reading Cinema, theater Six has had a long-standing reputation of being haunted. Employee accounts include a shadow ghostly figure sitting and waiting for a movie that never plays, voices and sounds with no known source, and an eerie feeling of being watched.

Being a skeptic, I know that almost every theater has it’s share of urban legends. When I rounded the corner which forked theater 5 and 6 I instantly got hit with an oppressive heaviness that as any ghost hunter will tell you is a tell tell sign of a possible haunting. I decided to stray into theater 6 where incidentally no movie was showing which I thought was weird. My thought was maybe the staff were using the area as storage or playing a movie that shouldn’t be out yet and directing guests not to stray by using a cover ghost story. I entered Theater 6 which was pitch black and empty which took away the cover story possibility. I didn’t stay in there long as my movie was starting and the oppressive feeling was so strong I feel like anyone would feel it. I don’t know if Grossmont Reading Cinema has a ghost but the staff seem to have no problem discussing it openly. Remember this is still private property and the managment can reserve the right to refuse service or kick you out if you enter the theater without a ticket or ghost hunt.

Grossmont Reading Cinema Ghost Theater 6

2 thoughts on “Grossmont Reading Cinema Ghost

  1. Sooooo….I worked at Grossmont from around Oct 1997-Nov 1998 as a kid. I saw the ghost of a man in that theater that was standing there watching the screen. Also heard footsteps upstairs and the back emergency exit to the parking lot would open by itself.

  2. Don’t know about that theater but I worked overnight at that Target (nearby) 2002-’04 and it was definitely haunted! My co-workers and I saw & felt several things (sometimes at the same time) Recently I met someone that said their ex also worked there & said it was haunted. I’m curious about the history of the land that Grossmont center is on.

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