Orbs Paranormal Ghosts Or Dust


When is a Orb Paranormal?

Orbs Paranormal Ghosts Or Dust
Orbs Paranormal Ghosts Or Dust

Orbs Dust Or Proof Of Ghosts

Every now and then I get asked to look at orb artifacts to determine if they are paranormal, a ghost, or just dust. Im usually dragged into defending my position that orb artifacts are not proof of the paranormal or ghosts. The paranormal community is very divided on the subject of orbs. Specifically if some orb artifacts found in digital media are the result of ghosts. I have listened to both sides for and against, to the point of exhaustion.

What Is An Orb Artifact

In the paranormal realm orbs are generally defined as a semi-luminescent spherical shaped object. They may be seen with the naked eye but generally are discovered later on media, such as photographs. Some orbs upon further visual inspection are believed to have faces and other recognizable forms within the orb. Some members of the paranormal community deeply believe some orbs are the physical manifestation of a departed spirit or soul.

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Governing Laws For Orbs

Some paranormalist’s have gone further and created rules to govern paranormal orbs. First, Orbs must appear to emit their own light source. Secondly, orbs must appear to have self governed propulsion. Lastly, orbs must appear to move in an intelligent flight path. Proponents of orb rules, will ignore any orbs that fail to meet those requirements. Evidence based paranormal groups are more reluctant to conclude orbs as a source of spirits or ghosts.

1901 Depiction Of Ball Lightening {{PD-US-expired}}

Natural Phenomena Or Ghosts

Orb artifacts are very close in nature to an actual light phenomenon known as  ball lightning. Ball lightening is a documented real natural phenomena. Countless people throughout history have experienced ball lightening. Ball lightning is defined as a atmospheric, point charge, electrical phenomenon. The term ball lightening refers to an illuminous, spherical electric object. The ball can vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter. This phenomena is usually associated with severe thunderstorms. Ball lightening may last for long periods of time, and move in unexpected ways, such as hovering or following a trajectory. Ball lightning might explain some instances for orbs. yet fails to explain, those observed only on captured media.

Dust To Dust

A majority of all orb artifacts are the result of, dust (particulate matter), bugs, or condensed water (mist or droplets). Dust is omnipresent, and almost impossible to rule out as an explanation. Scoffing at every orb photo and summarily dismissing them based on dust, doesn’t give credit to the complexity of science. There are many natural forces at work such as gravity, particulate mass, electrical charges, heat transfer, air currents, and so forth. Little specks of in-significant dust particles and how they travel through space is much more complex than one may realize.

Orb Zone Theory OZT

Orb artifacts may appear spherical but when the physical matter is viewed under a microscope they are not. So why does non circular matter produce spheres on media? The best answer is a theory known as Orb Zone Theory (OZT), “Orbs are essentially an, extension of the ‘circle of confusion’ explanation given by camera manufacturers and serious photographers.” In explanation, an orb is a circle of confusion (complexity), which appears as an out of focus highlight.

Orbs The Final Act

The orb debate is likely to continue as long as the paranormal is being investigated. The bottom line is orbs can be produced by natural means and are not proof of a spiritual manifestation. The safe conclusion is that the presence of Orbs should be scrutinized heavily.