Henry Frank Pranschke Biography


Henry Frank Pranschke Biography – Early Life Parentage

Henry Frank Pranschke was the son of (Heinrich) Henry Hermann Pranschke (1847–1907) and Ida Ernstina Woggan (1848–1924). His father was born in German-Rotten, Pomerania, Poland in about 1847. His mother was born in Germany in about 1848. Henry and Ida married in Germany. They had 4 children Otto Heinrich (1876–1876), Bertha Pauline, Auguste (1878), Paul (1880–1885) and Ida (1881) while living in Germany. In 1883 The Pranschke family boarded the Buenos Ayrean Steam liner and on May 10, 1883 they arrived in Quebec, Quebec, Canada. Seven days later on May 10, 1883 Henry Frank Pranschke was born. Henry and Ida eventually had two additional children William (1884) and Theodore Karl. Richard Pranschke (1886). Henry Herman Pranschke died Oct. 21 1907 in Ottawa , Ontario, Canada. His burial took place at Carleton (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada. Henry’s wife Ida Ernstina Woggan passed away February 20th, 1924.

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Henry Pranshcke

Biography – Life Events

Henry F. Pranschke was born May 10, 1883 in Quebec, Quebec, Canada. In 1920 Henry married Ida Berta Margaret Schultz who was born on June 10, 1885, in Dufferin, Ontario, Canada. They had two children during their marriage. Theodore Frank Pranschke who was born on December 7, 1921, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and George Calvin William Pranschke born in 1923. On March 9th 1950 Henry Pranschke aged 67, succumbs after suffering from a long illness. Ida Pranschke died on August 30, 1975, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 90. They are buried together at Beechwood cemetery.

Biography – Research

According to the 1901 Census of Canada Henry Pranschke was 18 and still a dependent of his fathers household. Henry was educated in Ottawa Canada. Henry left Canada for California at an unspecified time. The earliest record places him In Lakeside, California around 1915. While in San Diego, California he works as a butcher for Hardy’s Bay City Market on the corner intersection of F and G St.

At some point Henry opens a market-restaurant in Lakeside, Ca. A Newspaper ad dated 1921 confirms this. A Photo dated circa 1915 printed in “The Legends of Lakeside,” Shows Henry holding a baby outside the market. Mr. Pranschke placed multiple newspaper ads in the San Diego Union newspaper during his time in San Diego. The ads consisted of buying and selling rabbits, chickens, and eggs.

Henry often used the “Hardy’s Bay City Market,,” as his mailing or connecting address. His exact home address was never given. He does mention the whereabouts as, “Tecolote Valley 1/2 mile north of Harvey’s Packing house.” The packing (slaughter) house was located in Pacific Beach, California which would place his home well within Pacific Beach. Henry places a home for sale ad in the local newspaper in December of 1924. Henry returns to Canada and eventually becomes a conductor for New York Central Railway System. In late June of 1935 Henry is seriously injured as a derailed train plunges down an embankment. Shortly thereafter a pension claim is made by Henry against the New York Central Railway System.