Here sat Al the Aussie

Here sat Al the Aussie, a memorial in historic downtown Temecula, California. This memorial is roughly located at 42050 Main St., Temecula, California. The plaque is framed in an aquatic blue and roughly measures 8.5 x 11 inches. In the middle of the plaque is a picture of “Al the Aussie.” The tribute message reads, “Here sat Al the Aussie, a friend of the bank and many others in the community. He will be sorely missed September 12, 1956 — July 28th, 2016. “

Al the Aussie a memorial Temecula Ca

Visitors to old town Temecula who find this memorial plaque will likely ask who and what this is memorial is about. Here is what we could find, which admittedly isn’t much

Alastair Cameron Maclean (Al the Aussie)


BIRTH 12 SEP 1956 • Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia

DEATH 27 JUL 2016 • Temecula, Riverside, California, USA

Hi, I recently discovered a memorial for “Al the Aussie” in Temecula, California, and I believe you, his sister Rowena, can provide valuable insight into its significance. As a co-author of, I am eager to uncover the story behind the memorial. Please share details about your brother and the memorial’s meaning so we can accurately preserve his legacy and educate future visitors.

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