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San Diego | Haunted Paranormal Beginings

Definition: Haunting (present) | Haunted (past is the suspected presence of ghosts , spirits of the deceased, or demonic entities interfering with the living. Common belief suggests Haunting’s may occur by location, associated objects, or even from living persons.

San Diego , California ( pronounced / sae’ n ‘de ‘ egg’ o /) : is a semi-coastal Southern city in California located in the south-western corner of the continental United States. 2006, the city’s population was estimated to be 1,256,952. It is the 2nd largest city in California and the 8th largest city in the United States of America by population. Colonial period – This area had long since been inhabited by the Kumeyaay indians. The first European to explore the area was Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo. A long resident of Spanish America Cabrillo was employed by Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza to explore California’s interior regions. In 1542, Rodriquez Cabrillo explored and self-named what is now known as San Diego, San Miguel. The area of San Diego California bay and the present-day interior San Diego were renamed 60 years later by Sebastián Vizcaíno, while amidst mapping the coastline of Alta- California for Spain in 1602. Explorers under Sebastián Vizcaíno staged near a Native American camp called Nipaguay and honored mass in celebration of San Diego de Alcala (Saint Didacus of Alcalá). California was, at the time ,part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain commissioned under the Audiencia of Guadalajara.

Gaspar de Portolà and his expedition force in 1769, built the Presidio of San Diego (military post). On July 16, Fran-ciscan friars Junípero Serra, Juan Viscaino and Fernando Parron founded, raised and blessed a cross, establishing the first mission in the Upper region of California, Mission San Diego de Alcala. Colonists arrived in 1774; the next year, the Indian native people rebelled. The rebellion cost the priest and two others there lives, and resulted in the burning of the mission. Father Serra co-founded and rebuilt the mission two years later as a fire-proof adobe structure. By 1797 the mission had grown to be the largest of the California missions with over 1,401 Native Americans.

The fort would also see use as the Capital of all Baja California during Mexican Authority. Eventually the fort and mission were abandoned as settlers continued to move further inland to the city of Old Town, San Diego. George Marston a San Diego businessman purchased Presidio Hill, and built a private park and Serra mission museum in 1907. Ultimatley Marston donated all of the property to the City of San Diego. No original historic buildings still exist.

San Diego Haunted Mission Statement

Hi my name is Dan . I am the admin of sandiegohaunted.com ( San Diego Haunted or Sandiego haunted ). I am a native San Diego resident and have called this my home since 1979 to the present day. My interest in the paranormal , ghosts , hauntings , or haunted had it’s roots established early in life . I grew up in what my family and I consider a haunted Paranormal house . My parents bought the house in 1976 in the present day Encanto area. They bought it knowing the previous owners 3 year old daughter had died in the house by way of choking to death on a deflated balloon. She died in the room I would grow up in for my entire childhood. This haunting was very benign in nature. Things would disappear and then reappear in spots already checked. Cold and warm spots existed throughout the house. Strange electrical phenomenon would occur. Ball lightening and St. Elmo’s fire were witnessed several times by multiple people. At the height of activity, between my 7th and 10th birthday, Strange noises were heard late at night . The appearance of the ” shadow figure ” became common. Everyone in the house experienced the shadow person at one point or another . It would be seen upon waking up ,standing over you… as soon as you blinked your eyes once it would be gone . It was too large to be the little girl that died . It stood about 6 foot tall , middle weight , but the head was almost triangular. It was completely pitch black and silent. Like I said it was benign in nature. My mom named it Hatti. When things would disappear we would call for Hatti to bring it back. Believe it or not it worked every time. So we lived life in parallel to this haunted paranormal entity. The paranormal activity in my parents house is currently not active. I founded this website in 2007 , my mission to help others find information about haunting’s in San Diego Ca , and help if the haunted paranormal ( hp ) activity is overwhelming the current inhabitants.

Daniel Scott – Sandiegohaunted .com

San Diego Haunted | The Whaley House

San Diego Haunted Whaley House :
There are some human beings who are dimly aware of their own deaths, yet have chosen to stay on in what used to be their homes, to be close to surroundings they once held dear. –Hans Holzer – sandiegohaunted -

Few houses in San Diego are as historically important as the Whaley House. In addition to being the Whaley Family home, it housed a granary, the County Court House, San Diego’s first commercial theater, various businesses including Thomas Whaley’s own general store, a ballroom, a billiard hall, school, and polling place. Significant events, such as the siezure of the court documents and records in 1871, and the suicide of Violet Whaley in 1885 profoundly affected Thomas and Anna Whaley. These events, as well as the hangings which occurred on the property before the house was constructed, have suffused the Whaley House with an air of mystery and added to its reputation as something more than just California State Historic Landmark #65. – sandiegohaunted -
According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the house is the number one most haunted house in the United States. The alleged hauntings of the Whaley House have been reported on numerous other television programs and been written up in countless publications and books since the house first opened as a museum in 1960. Although we cannot state positively that the Whaley House is really haunted, the voluminous documentation of paranormal occurances at the site makes a compelling case. But, if there are ghosts at the Whaley House, who are they and why are they here? – san diegohaunted -

Ghost Tour groups operating in San Diego, California.

One of the most common questions I am asked is…”which Paranormal Ghost tour group in San Diego, California is the best? Or, which Ghost tour in San Diego, California would you suggest?”

The answer is far more complicated than the question. As a realist I have to admit than not every ghost tour is equal, and each group needs to be judged on their own merits and failures. Categories or criteria might include web presence, payment methods, price, walking tour vs. transport vehicle, haunted or paranormal locations: actual interaction with locations, equipment use, presentation of subject matter, and suspension of disbelief. I would note that ultimately every tour group participant will be the final judge of whether the tour was “worth” the time and or money.

My “Red Flags“; these are some common trends I have witnessed from paranormal tour businesses around the Nation that should cause a potential client to be wary and more cautious.

  • 1. Multiple business names on rating websites like, Yelp, or white pages. — This should be cause for concern as it may be a sign that the company is trying to hide actual reviews.
  • 2. Large numbers of flagged, filtered reviews on Yelp. — This should be cause for concern as the business owner may be flagging any review which is negative (always check filtered reviews).
  • 3. Incomplete or non professional website. – Concern should be obvious.
  • 4. Payment methods, cash only, Paypal only or NO REFUNDS. — This could be a sign business taxes are not being collected meaning the business is operating “under the table.”
  • 5. Tours that operate 5-7 days a week (especially during the summer) and 2 or more times per night.– This is a big red flag that the tour is more interested in making money than sharing the rich vivid history of San Diego’s haunted locations.
  • 6. Verbiage, use of keywords legitimate paranormal investigators would never subscribe too —examples, Vortexes, halo’s, etc, etc.

I will not answer the original question as too which ghost tour is the best, I leave that to each participant to decide for themselves. I would suggest doing some basic research though prior to booking any tour.

Here is a brief list I have collected which is publicly accessible online.


Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours

Ghostly Tours in History, LLC

Ghosts & Gravestones (San Diego Frightseeing Tour)

San Diego Ghost Tour – Old Towns Most Haunted


Additional tours

San Diego Ghost Hunters – offers paid tours to historic locations such as the Whaley house.


Free – low cost tours

San Diego Paranormal Eye SDPE – offers low to NO cost tours (by appointment and acceptance only).

NOTE: information valid only at time of publishing and subject to change without notice.