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The Crash of PSA Flight 182 And The Possible Ghost That Remains-
My parents were aware the residence had been resurrected from the ashes of the horrific events of the 1978 collision/crash of PSA flight 182 and Cessna airplane. That however would change pretty fast… [Read More]

USS Midway Ghost Haunt Spirit (CV-41) -(CVB/CVA/CV-41) –
USS Midway Ghost Haunt Spirit (CV-41)(CVB/CVA/CV-41): The U.S.S Midway is a decommissioned United States Navy aircraft carrier, she was commissi… [Read More]

Scripps Ranch Cara Knott Sam Knot murder paranormal ghost spirit haunt –
Scripps Ranch Cara Knott Sam Knot murder paranormal ghost spirit haunt : [User Submitted] It was a crisp cold December night. Cara Knott… [Read More]

Sea World Paranormal Ghost Haunt-
People have told me there are several sightings at Sea World. A little boy seen walking along the path at night… [Read More]

William Heath Davis house ghost & haunt & spirit & paranormal
William Heath Davis house ghost haunt spirit Located in the heart of San Diego Californias Historic Gaslamp quarter lies the William Heath Davis… [Read More]

Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition
[User Submitted] Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition: A large studio apartment complex on the corner of first and hawthorne between … [Read More]

Old Point Loma Lighthouse ghost & haunt & California
Old Point Loma Lighthouse ghost haunt California History: Originally named ” La Punta de la Loma de San Diego, ” later anglicized to &… [Read More]

Point pt Loma Rosecrans national cemetery ghost haunting
Located in San Diego overlooking Fort Rosecrans U.S. Military installations, the cemetery is located about ten miles west of San Diego, providing s… [Read More]

Man in wheelchair Ghost Haunt Spirit
[ User Submitted ] Ghost Haunt Spirit I have seen as well as many others I know. There has been sightings on Hollister St. in south San Diego, CA (… [Read More]

El Cortez Hotel Ghost Haunt Spirit
El Cortez Hotel Ghost Haunt Spirit The El Cortez hotel was opened Thanksgiving day in 1927 and hosted stars, celebrities and even presidents, bu… [Read More]

Star of India Ghost Haunt Spirit tour
Star of India Ghost Haunt Spirit tour North Harbor Drive, San Diego. The Star of India is the world’s oldest seafaring ship. Built in 1863 at … [Read More]

MCAS Miramar Ghost Haunt Spirit
MCAS Miramar Ghost Haunt Spirit Marine Corp Air Station Miramar Ghost Spirit Haunt: Hanger 1 is haunted by the crew of a f-8 crusader that crash… [Read More]

Downtown Solar Turbines Ghost & Haunt
[ User Submitted ] Harbor Drive near San Diego Airport and Kearny Mesa on Ruffin Rd: Global power company built in the 1880’s. Apparitions have … [Read More]

Nijiya market Ghost Paranormal Urban Legend
[ User Submitted ] In this small Japanese grocery store an elderly customer suffered a heart attack and died in the store. Sometimes objects fall … [Read More]

Taco Bell Mission Valley Ghost Haunt
[ User Submitted ] employees have reported whispers coming from the bathroom. Trash doors swinging one time at closing there was three closer’s one… [Read More]

McDonalds Miramar Road
[ User Submitted ] McDonalds on Miramar Rd. – Strange things would happen during the dead of night while McDonald workers would be closing and pre… [Read More]

A Haunting in Hillcrest | Ghosts Paranormal
[ User Submitted ] At an undisclosed Apartment complex in Hillcrest, actually in the heart of Hillcrest on 4th Ave, near the Rite Aid, 7-11, The B… [Read More]

F6ix Night club formerly Sin Night club Downtown San Diego Ghost
F6ix Night club formerly Sin night club formerly, tsunami beach club in downtown San Diego. Built in 1866, this building was once frequented by such… [Read More]

Denny’s Pacific Highway Ghost Haunt
Our team had a serious encounter. Thanks, Rayna Seipel from PARA Paranormal Assignment Research Association… [Read More]

Ocean Beach Ghost of Joyce Swindle and the Zodiac Killer
San Diego has its fair share of haunted locations but have you heard of the ghost that haunts Ocean Beach (OB)?  The Silver Spray Hotel was built in 1919 on the legendary site of Ocean Beach’s (OB) first “homeowner” Captain Thomas…. [Read More]

Pacific Beach haunted historic home on Chalcedony St
located On Chalcedony St.  In Pacific Beach. According to the owner at the that time Harold Hanks, Doors would open and close by themselves…. [Read More]

10th Tenth Avenue Theater Arts Center Ghost Haunt Paranormal, previously the First Baptist Church of San Diego.
According to the 10th avenue theaters website, four ghosts are suspected to haunt various portions of the building. Of the four, three of those haunts are intensely specific… [Read More]

Seaport Village the graves and ghosts of Dead Man’s Point   { Historical Reference }
Seaport village offers a little bit of something for everyone including paranormalists….[Read More]