La Casa De Estudillo Ghost


La Casa De Estudillo Ghost

La Casa de Estudillo was built in 1827 when California was still part of Mexico’s territory. The adobe house was built for presidio commandant, Jose Maria Estudillo. La casa de Estudillo is one of eight notable haunted locations in Old Town San Diego. The seven other haunted locations include El Campo  Cemetery, the Whaley House, La Casa de Bandini, the Cosmopolitan Hotel, El Fandango Restaurant, the Robinson Rose House, and Victorian Village.

La Casa De Estudillo Ghost
La Casa De Estudillo Ghost

The property was purchased by John D. Spreckels in 1906 and renovated into “Ramona’s Marriage Place,” a tourist attraction based on Helen Hunt Jackson’s famous novel Ramona. It operated as “Ramona’s Marriage Place” until the 1960s.

In 1968 La Casa de Estudiillo became part of the Califfornia State Parks System. During this time the home was was restored as a house museum identified with the Estudillo family.

The La Casa de Estudillo ghost was investigated by the “The Ghost Adventures Crew,” in July of 2011. The findings were lackluster at best. Most likely because they didn’t do their due dilligence in researching the location. Otherwise they would have learned March 1st yearly is the best time to ghost hunt that location.

La Casa de Estudillo Ghost
La Casa de Estudillo Ghost

According to one time owner Marguerite Weiss Getz the ghost of Don Jose Estudillo appeared for her father (Tommy Getz) and dinner guests twice during the 1920’s. The ghost of Don Jose Estudillo would only appear once a year on the Eve of his marriage anniversary to María Victoria Dominguez which would be March 1st. So Ghost Hunters should take note that march 1st every year is the best time to look for Don Jose Estudillo.

Reported Ghost Sightings at La Casa de Estudillo

Patio (removed during 1960’s but is the main area where guests walk around to see museum exhibits) – Ghost of Don Jose Estudillo witnessed.

Chapel – A hooded figure, possibly a monk, is witnessed hovering in and out of the doorway in the priest’s bedroom.

Parlor – Twin heavy wooden doors slam closed without reason.

Dinning room – a possible figure of a person dressed in a vaquero outfit has been witnessed.

Bedrooms various – A little girl dressed in Victorian garb, has been seen rocking in a rocking chair. A vaporous male torso is seen afloat near the sofa. A male wearing a period-style white shirt is seen against the back wall. A male torso without legs is seen peering out a window.

Various locations – Cold spots, Female voices / screams. Yellowish light of unknown origin, windows and doors opening and closing.

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  1. I was in old town! And my son was 3 years old said he saw a boy. I took a picture and saw a boy in the picture. Still have the photo

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