El Campo Santo cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt


El Campo Santo cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt:
El Campo Santo cemetery, which was built in 1849. is home to 477 bodies, the cemetery is said to host at least two ghosts, including that of Yankee Jim Robinson, who was hung at the nearby Whaley House and is said to haunt both sites.
Antonio Gerra was Quechan by birth though latter appointed “naat”, or headman of the Cupeno Indians. Questionable taxation against ¬†Gerra’s people lead to outright revolt and multiple murders. Garra Sr. would eventually be captured, tried, and convicted of murder and theft. Gerra was executed by firing squad directly in front of his freshly dug grave. 12 men participated in the firing squad including Thomas Whaley himself.
Visitors have noted chills, visions of shimmering figures and misfortunes to passing cars – no wonder, as several of the graves were paved over to make room for a road.
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2 thoughts on “El Campo Santo cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt

  1. been there and unfortunately found nothing all you hear and see is a really busy town people live all around it they hang out near it cars driving by loud noises all the time its like it doesn’t exist its really sad

  2. This is a some what long reply: Me and a buddy went to the cigar shop down the street from here, and right before the shop closed we both bought a cigar. I said lets go to the cemetery , which is about a 5 min walk. As we were walking we both lite up our cigars, and went inside the cemetery. We were standing at the very front leaning on the front wall. About 5 min later a car of ghost hunters arrived,as they were getting their equipment ready one of them lite up a cigarette. One of the guys told the smoker, To smoke the cigarette before entering the cemetery, He said , ” The spirits don’t like people to smoke inside the cemetery.
    My friend who was a little drunk yelled out, “well they didn’t tell me not to smoke”, as he took a hit off the cigar. We then separated, he was in one area and i was in an other. Up until this time my cigar was fully hot and smoking. About 5 min later, i realized the fire went out. I attempted to puff on it to keep it going. I was very upset, these were good cigars, about $25, and had at least another 6″ left to burn. But it would not re-stoke. I looked at my friend who was about 50 feet from me and i saw him smoking his cigar( it appeared he was smoking it, but he was attempting to re-stoke it by puffing on it). I was pissed, and threw the cigar away over the fence.
    We then left, and my friend asked if i believe all that “voo doo”, i said i wasn’t sure. He said, “Well after i said the spirits didn’t tell me to not smoke, about 5 min later my cigar went cold”. He didn’t throw his away like i did. I asked to see it, and sure enough it was cold.
    Anyone who knows about cigars know they will be for a good long while. These both were cold in approx 15-20 mins, all while actively smoking them.
    Was it the spirits who turned them off?

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