Niels Lars Hakkerup and Wife Anna Louise Hakkerup


niels lars hekkerup
niels lars hekkerup


Name: Niels Lars Hakkerup
Birth Date: 13 May 1876
Birth Place: Denmark
Death Date: 1 May 1958
Death Place: San Diego, San Diego County, California, United States of America

Niels Lars Hakkerup, was originally from Denmark. He had direct ties to King Christian X of Denmark. Hakkerup was a photographer and lived a great portion of his life in San Diego, California. A large portion of his direct family are also interred at Greenwood Memorial Cemetery.

niels hakkerup obituary
niels hakkerup obituary


Name: Anna Louise Hakkerup
[Anna Louise Thompson]
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 15 Feb 1885
Birth Place: Other Country
Death Date: 12 Mar 1955
Death Place: San Diego
Mother’s Maiden Name: Lea
Father’s Surname: Thompson

One thought on “Niels Lars Hakkerup and Wife Anna Louise Hakkerup

  1. Niels Lars and Anna Louise Hakkerup were my grandparents on my mother’s side, she being Vivian Kristin Hakkerup Enns, married to my father Everett B. Enns.
    Robert E. Enns
    Solana Beach

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