Photo Gallery Lemon Grove Memorial Park

Lemon Grove’s Veterans Park

San Diego Haunted Photo gallery Lemon Grove Memorial Park located at the intersection of 8200 block of blossom Lane and lldica street in Lemon Grove California. Lemon Grove Veterans Park grew out of Hyrum Bates’ 1987 Eagle Scout project. The park was renovated in 2013 in a joint effort between the City of Lemon Grove, Pastor David Merk of Journey Community Church, VFW Post 1512 and a group of 30 volunteers.

We had the pleasure of accidently running into the Lemon Grove Memorial Park by taking a wrong direction to a clients house. It is a testament to the ingenuity, vision and respect for history that Scout Hyrum Bates displayed in earing his Eagle Scout status.

A plaque reads, “Dedicated to all service men and woman who have served willingly, fought valiantly or died gallantly for a cause in which they believed, and a country that held dear. July 4th, 1987.

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