Photo Gallery Cosmopolitan Hotel Room 11

Cosmopolitan Hotel Room 11 "Ysadora Bandini Room

San Diego Haunted Photo gallery Cosmopolitan Hotel Room 11 “Ysadora Bandini Room”. The hotel is located at 2660 Calhoun Street, San Diego, CA 92110, USA. The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Restaurant in the Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is a registered national historic landmark, built in the early 19th century by Juan Bandini and later purchased by Albert Seeley to serve as a stagecoach hotel. In 2010, restorations and added fine dining restaurant revived the hotel to its 1870s charm, making it again a focal point of the original downtown area.

We have stayed in Room 11 “Ysadora Bandini Room several times and it never disappoints from a “ghostly” point of view.

The first time, Two male San Diego Haunted crew had a shared dream of a blanket being lifted off the foot end of the bed. The result was like a blanket tent/tunnel with a old hag like female peering from under the foot end towards the head of the persons sleeping.

The second time a male and female member of the crew were playing cards on the bed. Both heard clearly the loud sound of the dresser door opening and slamming shut. Also a strange mist seemed to form in the shower area then dissipate almost instantly.

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