El Campo Santo cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt

El Campo Santo cemetery Paranormal Ghost Haunt:

El Campo Santo cemetery, which was built in 1849. is home to 477 bodies, the cemetery is said to host at least two ghosts, including that of Yankee Jim Robinson, who was hung at the nearby Whaley House and is said to haunt both sites.

Antonio Gerra was Quechan by birth though latter appointed “naat”, or headman of the Cupeno Indians. Questionable taxation against ¬†Gerra’s people lead to outright revolt and multiple murders. Garra Sr. would eventually be captured, tried, and convicted of murder and theft. Gerra was executed by firing squad directly in front of his freshly dug grave. 12 men participated in the firing squad including Thomas Whaley himself.

Visitors have noted chills, visions of shimmering figures and misfortunes to passing cars – no wonder, as several of the graves were paved over to make room for a road.

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