Historic Cemeteries of San Diego, California Possible Ghost Hunter Locations

Ghosts Cemeteries of San Diego, California Possible Ghost Hunter Locations:

Cemetery NameCemetery Description
Cemetery NameCemetery Description
Dead Man's Point or Punta de los Muertos (1) 1769 San Diego Haunted 32.7114055 -117.1726227 What many people never fathom is that underneath the general area known as Seaport Village, likely lies San Diego’s oldest graveyard. Dead Man's Point or Punta de los Muertos was the final resting place for a portion of the 1769 Spanish expedition to San Diego. http://www.examiner.com/article/seaport-village-the-graves-and-ghosts-of-dead-man-s-point
El Jardin Del Rey" (The King's Garden) Presidio Park San Diego Haunted 32.7585515 -117.1925354 On July 1, 1769, soon after the arrival of Serra, burials began in consecrated ground on Presidio Hill. Over sixty men were buried in "El Jardin Del Rey" (The King's Garden) in the following few months. Father Serra recorded the burials, but in an Indian raid in 1775 the record book burned. Not able to remember all the names of the deceased, Serra settled with "asking God our Lord that the names of all may be written in heaven . . ."1 Between 1882 and 1887, fill dirt needed for work on the Derby Dike came from The King's Garden. The dirt, filled with burial remains, was dumped in the San Diego River.2Even though people began moving off Presidio Hill and settled in Old Town, burials still took place within the Presidio walls. These burials included early settlers as well as Mission Indians. The last recorded burial in this location was Henry Delano Fitch who died in 1849, the same year as the first burial at El Campo Santo in Old Town. Fitch's coffin lid, unearthed in an excavation, was outlined with brass nails, two hearts, and the letters "H.D.F."3 Burials have also been found at the bottom of Presidio Hill.Although it was no longer used by Europeans, the Indians continued burying their dead on Presidio Hill through the 1870s. http://www.sandiegohaunted.com/listings/old-town/presidio-park-ghost-spirit-haunt/
El Campo Santo Cemetery Old Town San Diego Haunted 32.7519107 -117.193222 El Campo Santo cemetery, which was built in 1849. is home to 477 bodies, the cemetery is said to host at least two ghosts, including that of Yankee Jim Robinson, who was hung at the nearby Whaley House and is said to haunt both sites.Antonio Gerra was Quechan by birth though latter appointed “naat”, or headman of the Cupeno Indians. Questionable taxation against Gerra’s people lead to outright revolt and multiple murders. Garra Sr. would eventually be captured, tried, and convicted of murder and theft. Gerra was executed by firing squad directly in front of his freshly dug grave. 12 men participated in the firing squad including Thomas Whaley himself.Visitors have noted chills, visions of shimmering figures and misfortunes to passing cars – no wonder, as several of the graves were paved over to make room for a road. http://www.sandiegohaunted.com/listings/old-town/el-campo-santo-cemetery-paranormal-ghost-haunt/
Old Protestant Cemetery San Diego Haunted 32.749339 -117.1942144 As San Diego's population moved away from Old Town, relatives of those buried on this land in "Protestant Cemetery" began to transfer their dead to other cemeteries.The weeds grew high covering the rotting wooden grave markers that remained. Memory of Protestant Cemetery faded. Over a period of time, the land served as a dog pound, a goat farm, and a trash dump. In 1947, the unearthing of one of the skeletons brought to light the cemetery's presence.Four gravesites remained, identified as Tommie Whaley (infant son of Thomas Whaley), Jack Hinton, Frank Ames, and Francis Steele.A man with plans to develop a trailer park on the land received permission to reinter the remains of the four graves to Mount Hope Cemetery. Inappropriately, Ames and Stelle ended up in Potter's Field, the area in Mount Hope reserved for indigents. http://www.sandiegohaunted.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/protestant2.jpg

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