Cleansing and Removing a Ghost or Apparitional Experience

serenity remove spirit ghost

serenity remove spirit ghost

Cleansing and Removing a Ghost or Apparitional Experience

Removing a spirit or ghost is a highly debated subject within the paranormal community. There seems to be no single all encompassing answer to the removal of, or nature of the apparitional experiences as a whole . Whether or not it is the duty of a paranormalist to actually cleanse a location, person, or object, is also highly debatable.

Apparitional experiences where a preponderance of evidence can be captured by reputable and knowledgeable paranormalist’s, is very rare. Most clients will at some point ask the inevitable question, “can you get rid of the spirits in my house,” even when no supporting evidence is found. The key to understanding the single minded mentality exhibited by some clients, is for their peace of mind.

There is a long, diverse, and rich history behind spiritual cleansings, which encompasses a plethora of rituals, and methodologies. Which one is right for your client? The quick and easy answer is, which ever one will bring peace of mind, to the living. One may find that answer a bit lacking in the actual area of removing a spirit or ghost and correctly so. By definition ghosts are apparitional experiences, the key word being experience. That means practical contact with and observation of facts or events. In other words, ghosts become irrelevant without a living human presence.

Treat the ghost by treating the client may seem a slight against those afflicted, but it is not. Most paranormalist’s should be honest and forthcoming with their clients from the very beginning by clearly explaining there is no known way of removing ghosts or spirits. Ask those afflicted by the paranormal about their own spirituality and beliefs usually this will give a clear direction on which rituals would be best for that specific client. A generic cleansing blessing could be learned and performed by a paranormalist for non religious situations. For those with specific religious needs it is in the best interest of the paranormalist to help find, and partner with, clergy to facilitate the necessary rites and rituals. Clients should never have to pay for a house cleansing.

There are many places for the learning paranormalist to pick up supplies necessary to cleanse a house. Many Catholic churches have holy water or baptismal water available at every entrance. Yes, you are free to take a small amount without fear of repercussion. The suggestion is to make a prayer to the Lord when taking the water and ask for divine strength, power, and blessing for the water’s use. There are a myriad of places online, or in town, to procure candles, natural herbs, and religious items necessary to ritual blessings.

Before cleansing a house of negative spiritual energy, it may be necessary to literally clean the house itself. The goal is to create a welcome and inviting space for the living, open and well lit by sunlight. Homeowners who object or avoid this step are only doing a great disservice to themselves, but at the end of the day it is their house and rules. A general cleansing will require holy water, white tea candles, incense or smudge stick, and kosher salt, these represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The fifth (human) element is the invocation of prayer or blessing. Candle and fire safety must be used at all times (the goal of the paranormalist is not to burn down a homeowners house). The suggestion is to perform a cleansing with the family present in the house. This should be done during the daytime.

Performing the Ritual:

1. Only one paranormalist and a helper should be involved in the actual cleansing. Those involved should prepare themselves by literally cleansing themselves, via shower and a dash of holy water, while offering a generic prayer such as, “Please protect me and bless my body and mind as I prepare myself to go out and help the “——-” family.

2. Upon entering the residence fire-safe areas should be created for the burning of candles and incense (or smudge). In addition, all unnatural noises and sounds such as fans, or TV’s should be extinguished. All windows and doors must remain open during the blessing (until the area is cleansed), and window coverings should be pushed back to allow maximum sunlight to filter through the house.

3. Every entrance and exit (threshold and base) must be blessed including windows. Starting with the main entrance (door) to the home, a candle should be lit, a mark or cross should be made above each entrance-exit by dipping a index finger into holy water. Salt should then be sprinkled at the base of the entrances-exits. Lastly, a general prayer should be made while making infinity eights with the smoke from burning incense or smudge (this is where a helper comes in handy). A good generic prayer might be, “I cleanse this room of any impurities, negativity, or anything that does not suit or support the people that live here, I command any all such negative energies to leave this house at once!” The windows and doors from each room should be closed, one by one, as each area is blessed. The goal is to flush the negative energy from room to room until there is only one entrance-exit left to leave from.

4. At the conclusion of the home cleansing, a wafting of incense or smudge should be made around each family member and paranormalist while saying a simple prayer such as, “I cleanse “——-” of all or any impurities, negativity, or anything that does not suit or support their wellbeing.”

In conclusion, the methodology should be determined by the homeowners. They have the final say.