Lomita Village Ghost Paranormal Haunt

Lomita Village Ghost San Diego
Lomita Village Ghost San Diego

Lomita Village Ghost Paranormal Haunt:
[User Submitted] Actually in San Diego borders with Jamacha rd. in Spring Valley. Lomita Village park is the actual location. Back in the 1980’s a vagrant hung himself from a tree in the park. Besides this the park is a gang area, where many violent things have happened. There are many reports from, voices, strange lights, and apparitions or ghosts.


Jim Weebee aka: James Bacon. He had a good job at Rhor Ind. & lived down the stairs on the southwest side of Audubon school & Lomita Village Park. Unfortunately the hood got the best of him & he became an alcoholic drug addict and was kicked out of his parents home. Me & my buddies felt bad for him so we let him stay in our underground fort we had made as youngsters in the canyon in back of 804 Bonsall St. He wasn’t doing that bad down there. It had wall to wall carpeting, a front door & rear escape door, a fireplace, & dug deep enough to stand up in w/o hitting your head on the ceiling (plus all that earth kept the place warm 24/7). We would all take turns bringing him extra plates of food, and leftovers daily. But during one wet winter it was flooded to the roof & while we were at school we heard SDPD came and tore it down. With nowhere else to go Jim settled into Lomita Village Park as his new home but was often harassed by some of the gangsters that called the park their turf. I didn’t actually see the hanging but I remember a couple of stories: 1)He committed suicide,tired of being homeless, wanted easy way out of his cruel world. 2)The LV70’s murdered him & he was found hung with the chain wrapped around his neck, dangling from the swing sets in Lomita Village park. Since then the city has bulldozed & reconfigured the entire park including the infamous swings that would continue to sway back & forth with no one in them, in the dead of night, with no wind blowing………was it the ghost of Jim?

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  1. Wow, I remember Him. He fell on hard times & we would all pitch in & bring him food daily. But as soon as he relocated to Lomita Park it was over for him real quick. RIP-Jim. I heard City worker from Skyline Rec. Center/Lomita Park found him hung by swing set chain around neck.

    1. I grew up in this neighborhood. I recall lots of stories as a kid, about staying clear of the park due to gang activity. I also recall news stories of a violent rape robbery in the womans restroom. And I did hear about the swings that supposedly were haunted swinging by themselves even when there was no wind. The park today is a family place for the most part, the area has improved

  2. I grew up in lomita I use to hang out there I remember the guy that hung from the swing every one said his nuts got cut of to I lived at sunny side Avenue remember the record store the 7 eleven

  3. I grew up in lomita I lived on 858 Sunnyside Avenue I knew that guy at the park at Audubon there were always rumors that the 70s were train banging women at that park the 70s were not that way alls I Remer is ghost

  4. I remember this. Everyone was talking about it. My classmate’s brother AJ and his friend came across this body at Audubon Park when they were 12 or so. He was very traumatized for awhile after this. I wonder if it was this James Bacon…the time frame matches up, my God what a sad story! RIP. Very kind of you boys to shelter and feed him while you could. God bless you.

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