Lakeview Manor Mobile Lodge Ghost Haunt Spirit


Lakeview Manor Mobile Lodge Ghost Haunt Spirit:

Lakeview Manor ghost
Lakeview Manor ghost

[ User Submitted ] I spent the first 15 + or so years of my life residing in this park and the space I grew up in had lots of paranormal activity. # Edited by admin was where I lived.

Both my parents and I had numerous encounters. It was a one-bedroom trailer at first, and that one bedroom was where a majority of the activity would take place. We split that room into two separate rooms for me and my parents. At night we would wake up to people standing next to our beds. I saw a man in black (a shadow figure) standing next to my bed watching me one night when I woke up. I saw him frequently, so I always would refrain from opening my eyes and taking the covers off my head until the sun came out. My parents would see this same figure watching them at night too. Occasionally they’d feel someone sit on the edge of their bed. To help me feel comfortable my parents installed a wall light that had a dimming feature, so I could adjust how much light I wanted or needed. However, I would fall asleep with the light on low, and wake up with the light completely off. One night when this happened I screamed for my mom, and just before she came into the room the light was restored. After this my parents let me sleep in their bed; keep in mind I was only a child at this time. We still would see apparitions of people around the house. Especially while doing normal everyday activities like laundry, dishes, and watching TV. There was always something or someone lurking about out of the corner of our eyes. At night we could hear the water running in the kitchen sink. The cabinets in the kitchen would also open and close. Doors would also open and close, so we took every door off the hinge in the house; except for the bathroom door.

One time my parents left me home alone while I was 7 or 8 years old, and I saw something standing next to me out of the corner of my eyes while I was watching TV. I turned and I actually saw a person standing next to me. I don’t know what it was, but it was in the shape of a human body, and the face was disfigured greatly. So I ran out of the house in shock and waited for my parents to return home. To this day I’m not sure if I saw a ghost of a demon. Eventually, it became so bad that we added two additional rooms to the mobile home. These rooms hardly ever had any activity in them. So we spent the majority of our time in these rooms. Eventually, when I was between the ages of 15 and 16 we moved out. The last I heard was the trailer and rooms were demolished and replaced with a prefab/modular home. I just googled it and that much is true… Ironically it’s still for sale. Now that I’m in my early 20’s I’m still scared to return to this place or even contact the new owner(s). So all I have is this google earth street view picture of what the current residence looks like now and an address to provide to you. 9902 Jamacha Blvd. edited by admin, Spring Valley CA, 91977. However, I’d advise you to leave the people who reside here alone. The activity might be dormant right now or could have been residual to the previous trailer we lived in. Not only does this property the entire park was built on have lots of history, but it also at one time was just a retirement community. So I can imagine a lot of people who have lived there died in this area. So I’ll encourage any other current or previous tenants to post their stories too… If the activity in the house was connected to the property my space was located on then there most likely is still some activity going on, but I’m not returning to find out.

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  1. My friend told me he and his girlfriend were squatting in a home around there. I wonder if that’s it. Anyway he said he would see demons at night in there. Til one night he said his girlfriend started to tell them off and one if them came to her and pushed her so hard she flew backwards and hit the wall. They left so scared and said that no one would buy the house. Is it the same place ? There’s only one way to find out.

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