Edgemoor Barn Geriatric Hospital Ghost Haunt

Santee Historical Society Barn Ghosts
Santee Historical Society Barn Ghosts

Edgemoor Barn Geriatric Hospital Ghost Haunt:
On October 9th, 2012 the board of directors for the Santee Historical Society assembled behind closed doors for their monthly board meeting. At one point the question was asked, “Is Edgemoor Farm haunted?” Interest in paranormal activity at Edgemoor began several decades ago, but only recently surfaced across several paranormal based websites. A 2009 post on the San Diego Haunted website from a former Edgemoor Hospital employee states, “I used to work at the old hospital and was there during the big move. I can tell you that during the night shifts I would have call lights coming on with no patients in the beds or rooms. One time a TV changed channels all by itself in a room with no one in it. Very cool old place sad it’s gone.” Janelle A. taught at Homestead High School, an alternative educational site located near Edgemoor in 2010, she recalls, “The staff at our school had experienced several inexplicable occurrences and had attributed these incidences to the general area’s history and proximity to Edgemoor, as well as the river across from Chubb Lane.”
Several members of the Santee Historical Society have also experienced paranormal activity inside the barn, collaborating reports of whispered conversations, or far away voices, shadows figures, and the sound of boots walking on the second story of the barn. As of late, a child’s rocking chair, in the barn’s museum, rocked on it’s own. This action prompted an immediate removal of the chair, so as not to spook any guests during their visit. E. Henry, a supporter of the investigation stated, “With so many paranormal activities being reported it only makes sense to investigate Edgemoor’s property for tangible evidence.” On September 29th 2012 Edgemoor Farm had it’s first sanctioned paranormal investigation, conducted by two paranormal research teams, SPIRIT and San Diego Haunted.
Scotty D explains, “A preponderance of physical evidence collected over an extended period of time is necessary when declaring a location as haunted.” After reviewing some of the evidence it was discovered that both paranormal teams recorded several compelling EVPs. EVPs, “Electronic Voice Phenomenons” are sounds recorded on media but not audibly heard at the time of occurrence. To answer the question , “Is Edgemoor Farm haunted?”, B. Westen offers this, “It is too early to conclude anything, however, I personally feel that the evidence captured seems to point towards the paranormal.” The Santee Historical Society has since added a log for visitors and members to write down personal experiences, and will follow up with another investigation in 2013. EVPs captured during the investigation, as well as other paranormal information, is available to the public.
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  1. The 1913 barn was investigated a second time briefly by Myself Daniel Scott, Ellen H, and Southern California’s Paranormal Team (SCPT), in Decmeber 2012. Once again there were several minor incidents reported. Matthew S. of SCPT believes in the office area, a device he was holding mysteriously jumped out of his pocket and onto the floor, the audio captured is interesting.

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