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All Haunting’s From Santee, California.


Apartment La Roca Plaza Ghost Haunt Spirit
[ User Submitted ] La roca plaza townhomes, santee. ca. (apt # removed for legal) Sister/ daughter tormented by unexplained voices a night, uneasy feelings in bathroom… [Read More]

Santana High School Urban Legend
[User Submitted] Santana high School Ghost I heard rumors about haunting’s at this school ever since I attended back in 2003-07, never witnessed anything myself, might be worth investigating though. —Urban Legend Warning—

 1913 Edgemoor Dairy Barn Ghost Haunted | Edgemoor Geriatric Hospital Ghost Haunt
A majority of the original Edgemoor property is gone leaving only the Edgemoor Dairy Barn built in 1913 a historical monument, and home to the Santee Historical Society, The grounds and barn are believed to be haunted… [Read More]

Santee Sand Pits | San Diego River Ghost Haunt
In addition to flood deaths, there have been accidental drownings, murders and suicides along the entire stretch of the river… [Read More]