Spirit Call ghost loved one


Spirit Call ghost loved one:
[ User Submitted ] This is a hard story to tell. My name is John and my wife’s name is Missy. Both of us born and raised in San Diego CA. We met and fell in love at SDSU. After graduation we were married this was August 1989. In the following year we both worked full time jobs and lived in a 2 bedroom condo in San Diego. Missy was 2 months pregnant November 13th it was a Tuesday. I got off work early I was home by 3:00 pm. I started dinner at 5:15 pm (Missy was due home by 6:00 pm). At 6:00 exactly the phone rang. I recognized the voice it was Missy. The connection was slightly off I answered, “hi sweety.” Her voice was very quiet and calming almost, ” John I’m sorry I am going to be late.” “Honey, is everything alright?” I asked. “John everything is going to be fine I love you now and forever.” The phone hung up. I called her work back the receptionist said she left work a hour ago. I was at a loss for explanation. I sat puzzled for a moment, then the knock on the door. I had a bad feeling suddenly shriek through my soul. I opened the door, and standing before me was a Highway patrol man and a sergeant for SDPD. The sergeant would go on to tell me a half asleep trucker on his way back to L.A. didn’t see her car in his right hand blind spot. The truck pushed Missy’s car through 2 guard rails and her car landed down a 50 foot embankment where it caught on fire, and Missy more than likely died from smoke inhalation before her broken body was incinerated. She too had gotten off work early and was on her way home to surprise me. She had died a hour before her last phone call.
Spirit calls is what I later would read it was called. It seems many persons out there have had this experience. I never heard from Missy again in any way, other than in my heart. Nearly 20 years have passed and though I have moved on in life – re-married with 2 great kids – I always wonder what life would have been like if she hadn’t passed. I miss you Missy and I will love you forever, always. I carry you with me everyday.

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