Solar Turbines Ghost Spirit Haunt


Solar Turbine Ghost
Solar Turbine Ghost

Solar Turbines Ghost Spirit Haunt:
[ User Submitted ] Harbor Drive near San Diego Airport and Kearny Mesa on Ruffin Rd: Global power company built in the 1880’s. Apparitions have been seen in the engineering factory areas. These apparitions are said to be devoted workers who have long since passed on but will never “retire.” Office areas have been reported to have unintelligible whispers, elevators moving with no one pushing a call button, sounds of doors opening/closing, etc.

NOTE: This is a secure industrial facility. Access is restricted.

One thought on “Solar Turbines Ghost Spirit Haunt

  1. I work night shift at Solar Turbines in Kearney Mesa, at around 9:15PM Apr 26th 2014 I head a loud noise which was odd considering there was nobody in my building except myself and a coworker who was right next to me. I looked up and a large florescent light fixture hanging from chains from the 25′ ceiling was swinging violently! There was no wind, and all the many other light fixtures were perfectly still. I looked for an explanation but there simply was none. My coworker was not surprised, he had seen it before. I asked several other employees and they had all see it happen at least once with other lights. The fixture was heavy enough that it was still swinging about two feet back and forth when I left at 11pm, a testament to its weight and how much power it would’ve taken to make it move like that. I’m baffled…

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