Pacific Beach haunted historic home on Chalcedony St


Pacific Beach haunted historic home on Chalcedony St. – Private Property! Do Not Disturb!

Chalcedony Street Ghostsan diego union 1980 fair use
Chalcedony ghost house San Diego Union 1981 fair use

[ Reported by the San Diego Union October 28th, 1981. ]  A 9 room 2 story (previously a farmhouse) located On Chalcedony St. In Pacific Beach. According to the owner at that time Harold Hanks, Doors would open and close by themselves, phantom footsteps could be heard, and kitchen utensils rattled for no reason. According to the San Diego Union, reported Incidents were so frequent in the 77-year-old Pacific Beach house that Harold Hanks, his wife, and two children barely even noticed at the time.

The home has been sold several times since 1980, the last being in January 2005. To date, no further incidents have been reported (in the news) by any other owners. Private Property! Do Not Disturb!

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  1. My mom used to tell my brother and I stories about a haunted house she used to live in on Chalcedony St. in the 80s. Noises coming from other rooms, furniture being moved around. Walking into the kitchen and all the cabinet doors being open. One story about a friend who was staying in the house while she was away (not knowing anything about the haunted stuff) and left in the middle of the night after getting spooked, saying he would never come back to the house. I’ll have to ask her about it next time I talk to her, think she even has a newspaper clipping or something about it.

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