Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition


Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition:
[User Submitted] Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition:
A large studio apartment complex on the corner of first and hawthorne between BH and Downtown San Diego, I believe the building is from the the very early 1900s, I am a photographer, I was taking some night time pictures of the buildings architecture, in one of the windows, a shot revealed a partial face of a woman and an out line of the camera I was using.

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  1. I lived behind the building you are talking about for about a year. When I would sit in my kitchen in the morning drinking my coffee I could see the building clearly there was always a lady in her 30’s. I would say that would be in the window that was across from my window I could not see her clearly but I could see her I would think wow why is she always looking at me. when you walk by the building you always feel just creepy. well then I found out that no one was living there at the time it was being redone to get ready to rent out the apartments. The place is just really scary I always see for rent signs out side of it. its a beautiful place now that it has been finished but there must be a reason such a nice place cant keep tenants.

  2. I actually lived in this building in 2016. I moved in not knowing its history and was informed by other tenants after moving in. I became extremely unwell for the 3 months I lived there before moving out. I lost about 15 pounds and couldn’t get out of bed for days due to what I thought was depression at the time. The basement was made into a kitchen and media room for the tenants to use since we didn’t have our own kitchens in our apartments, however I never could bring myself to go to the basement alone, I was absolutely terrified for no good reason so I rarely made food and would instead get takeout when I could actually bring myself to eat. Come to find out that is where the body was buried and perhaps two more remain there still. I have photos and videos of everywhere except the basement because I just couldn’t stand being down there. I’m still reeling from this experience if I’m honest and am constantly second guessing so many things that happened to me during my brief stay there. I wish I would have been more aware at the time so I could have understood what was possibly happening, such as hauntings or visitations…

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