Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition


Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition:
[User Submitted] Hawthorne Historical Building Ghost Apparition:
A large studio apartment complex on the corner of first and hawthorne between BH and Downtown San Diego, I believe the building is from the the very early 1900s, I am a photographer, I was taking some night time pictures of the buildings architecture, in one of the windows, a shot revealed a partial face of a woman and an out line of the camera I was using.

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  1. I lived behind the building you are talking about for about a year. When I would sit in my kitchen in the morning drinking my coffee I could see the building clearly there was always a lady in her 30’s. I would say that would be in the window that was across from my window I could not see her clearly but I could see her I would think wow why is she always looking at me. when you walk by the building you always feel just creepy. well then I found out that no one was living there at the time it was being redone to get ready to rent out the apartments. The place is just really scary I always see for rent signs out side of it. its a beautiful place now that it has been finished but there must be a reason such a nice place cant keep tenants.

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