El Cortez Hotel Ghost Haunt Spirit


El Cortez Hotel Ghost Haunt Spirit:
The El Cortez hotel was opened Thanksgiving day in 1927 and hosted stars, celebrities and even presidents, but by 1981 the grand hotel was no more. It fell into disrepair and anytime before 2000 you could find news of how haunted the El Cortez was.
Thanks to renovations in the early 90’s until 2002 the real estate companies covered up the fact that several bodies were found on several of the top floors after it had been a crack house, drug haven and homeless retreat. There’s said to be a presence of a young boy around the age of six and a woman who may be his mother that may have died in the ’80s haunting the place. The El Cortez is now an apartment building, however, so access to go ghost hunting is limited.

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