Denny’s Pacific Highway Ghost Haunt


Denny’s (outside perimeter) Pacific Highway Ghost Haunt:  [Scroll Down for Story]
[Submitted by – Rayna Seipel from PARA Paranormal Assignment Research Association]

Do you know of any history of a stabbing death that may have happened within last 40 years? Somewhere in or near the restroom location or back alley of Denny’s at that address. Our team had a serious encounter.

–Response from San Diego Haunted–
I’m familiar with this business district. I was unable to find any news reports of a stabbing fatality in or near that location however, that doesn’t mean such an event did not occur. Not every murder or suicide is a (significant) news worthy event. I looked through the Union Tribunes archives from 1980 to present, To look any further backwards in time I would need to visit the San Diego City Library in Down Town and review micro-fiche. The area in question is of high historic importance to San Diego, even now there is ongoing talks between developers and SOHO on how to best to present that history.
As for the possibility of apparitional experiences, nothing would surprise me. Solar Turbines directly across from the Denny’s is supposedly haunted, The Star of India is very likely haunted, Several historic buildings on Hawthorne street have been reported to be haunted.
Story of what happened to her on Feb. 9th 2013 at Denny’s in San Diego.
Submitted By Diana Rodriguez, one of PARA’s core team members and a sensitive.
My paranormal group met at Denny’s for some dinner before doing an investigation on the Star of India. It was a long drive for me so I headed for the restroom as soon as I got there. I noticed right away a heavy feeling inside the restroom. I didn’t like it at all so I quickly finished my business and joined back with the group who was waiting for a table in the lobby. We were a group of ten and there was also another party consisting of twenty missionaries waiting for a table. The missionaries were on their way to Tijuana to do some work at an orphanage. It was only a few minutes when both parties were seated at the same time and adjacent to each other. A few other team members went to the restroom, they also experienced the heaviness in the both the Men’s and the Ladies restrooms but, none of us said anything to the other about it at that time. One of our team members noticed that the missionaries peered uncomfortably toward the hallway where the restrooms were as such he closed the glass door that separated the hallway from the restaurant for them. For whatever reason they were thankful to him for doing it. Were they sensing something from that area too?
We ordered our meals. I noticed that the two gentlemen I was sitting in between had ordered the same thing as me, a turkey sandwich on wheat bread except one ordered fries instead of vegetable sticks like me. Everything tasted fine, I had ice tea to drink. As we ate and talked I noticed my stomach hurting. I tried to ignore it thinking it would go away. Another female member asked for some aspirin as she began getting a headache for some unknown reason. The longer I sat there the worst my stomach hurt, right below the navel. It began hurting so bad I could no longer sit. The pain was so horrible! I quietly excused myself from the table, thinking it was a bad case of gas, and headed for the restroom. I remember thinking in the back of my mind, whatever is happening in the restroom…just leave me alone. Walking towards the restroom, the pain was almost intolerable. It felt like someone had viciously stabbed me in the stomach. I’ve had four children, all natural, but the pain was nothing like that! Oh my God the pain! As soon as I touched the restroom door to open it, something happened. It felt like the life was sucked out of me and down I went in the hallway. I remember thinking as this was transpiring, “Whats happening to me?” I don’t know how long I laid there. I believe it was one of the missionary ladies that found me and alerted my friends that I needed some help. They came over and tried to wake me. The store manager called the paramedics.
I woke up and the pain was still so bad. I couldn’t sit up, I could only lay there. Everyone was asking me what happened, but I didn’t know what to tell them as I was wondering the same thing? Could it be food poisoning? The two guys I was sitting with ate the same thing and they were just fine. The paramedics arrived and asked me all kinds of questions: Where’s the pain? Is it on your side, could it be your appendix? Are you pregnant? Do you have digestive problems? They wanted me to sit up but at first I couldn’t. I could only lay there in a fetal position. Finally the pain got a little easier and I sat up. I thought if I could throw up I would feel better, but it didn’t happen. They took my vitals and everything checked out fine. They wanted to take me to the hospital but I didn’t want to go. I knew I had some pretty bad pains but something about it was wrong. It wasn’t making any sense. By now the pain started getting easier and I told the paramedics I would be okay. They had me sign some papers and they left. The female member who had the headache, started putting two and two together. She knew I needed to get out of that hallway and told me so. She felt we were being spiritually attacked! Here’s the weird part, as SOON as I left the building I was fine! A little shaken but, fine. No more pain and the female member with the headache? That was gone too! We began talking about the experience and found out that all of us who used the restrooms all felt the heaviness not only in the hallway but also in the restrooms. I can’t explain what happened to me in that restaurant. I’ve never had that happen to me before. How can someone have a pain so bad and then leave the building and its gone? And why did I pass out? I can tell you now.. that I’m pretty sure I know what it feels like to have someone stab you in the stomach and let me tell you it hurts bad! Anyways we went onto our adventure at the Star of India. Stayed until 3AM with no problems whatsoever.
I’ve come to the conclusion that a negative male spirit was there and when we arrived, he knew who we were (paranormal investigators). Being a mean SOB that he was (as in life, so in death), and given that he does not like women, he decided to attack me and the other female member of the group. Her with an “out of the blue” headache (have you ever been in a room where you feel the spirit energy is strong and it gives you a headache and makes you nauseous? I think that the spirit was doing that to my friend) and me…he wanted to cause me pain by showing me what happened to him when he died. Apparently he had been stabbed in the stomach and wanted me to know how much it hurt. When I walked to the restroom, alone, he zapped me and took energy without my permission. He terrorized me with pain and as soon as I got out of there my friend and I was fine. It is one of the most bizarre things to ever have happened to me. I have to say as unpleasant as it was, I am grateful for the experience and hopefully will know what is happening to me if it ever happens again. I will know to get out of the area immediately. Don’t ask me how I know it was male and how I know he doesn’t like women…for some reason I just know it. I feel it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Diana Rodriguez
Paranormal Assignment Reasearch Association

3 thoughts on “Denny’s Pacific Highway Ghost Haunt

  1. I had a ghost experience in the woman’s bathroom in 2003. That’s amazing because your story confirms it for me. I went in the bathroom no one was there. I go to the last stall I turn around and one of the other stall doors starts swinging back and fourt!! I ran out of there. The door was not moving when I walked past it. I got a really creepy dark feeling when I was in a hallway in the back that I think was connected to another restaurant. Anyway, thanks for your story.

    1. Aneta, I’m so glad you responded to my story. When I first went to the restroom, the back stall is the one I also went to. It indeed has a heavy dark feeling to it! Thanks for confirming it for me too.

  2. I believe that area was used as a make shift hospital for the crew of the vessel that traveled by sea while Junipero Serra traveld up the camino real by land. The majority of the crew was suffering from scurvy and they used that area from seaport village to the airport for the make shift cots and tents for a hospital. Many of them died. I believe there was also a squirmish in that area during Spanish rule with the Native Americans. I read this information in San Diego History books but if you feel better you could probably look it up at the San Diego History Center.

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