A Haunting in Hillcrest Paranormal Ghost Haunt


A Haunting in Hillcrest Paranormal Ghost Haunt:
[ User Submitted ] At an undisclosed Apartment complex in Hillcrest, actually in the heart of Hillcrest on 4th Ave, near the Rite Aid, 7-11, The Brass Rail, the Youth LGBT Center, the nicest pizzeria in San Diego and a Hotel. My wife and I had some experiences. In Summer of 2004, before we got married, I got an Apartment, first night I was in the apartment, I was woke-up at about 2:30am, in absolute terror, best way I can put it would be, something else was there and wanted to hurt me. I didn’t see anyone, so I tired to dismiss it as anxiety of moving into a new apartment. It kept happening, every night or every other night. I never told my wife about it.
After we got married and she moved in, she was soon experiencing the same incident and more.
She is still reluctant to talk about it, but when she moved in, she experienced disembodied voices, conversations in the living room, plates moving on their own. She said she was held down one morning by “it”. She stopped sleeping when I wasn’t there and stay-up for hours on end, she would leave it on TBN or some other religious network, apparently it didn’t bother her during these times. Just recently, she did reveal that it touched her inappropriately, which upset her a lot, she wanted to go home after that, but her mother talked he out of it and prayed with her. Our next door neighbors moved, a family moved in, a month later they were gone, another person moved in, and just as soon as he moved in, he moved out. As it was becoming worse and worse, she finally told me what I was expecting to hear “I think our house is haunted”. We discussed contacting a paranormal group, but it was bad and expected to get worse, maybe violently worse, we decided that we would read Psalms 91 into the closet, where we generally agreed that is it’s manifestation point. We prayed for protection, and I said to “it” in the closet, “It wouldn’t get worse for us, it will only get worse for you.” It never directly bothered us, again. It did however harass and horrify the neighbor upstairs, I have regret that I didn’t help him. That evening performed the deliverance, it started on him at about 2am. Moving his furniture, I heard his scream, and then literately running out of the apartment. I could have helped him, I wish I did. I saw less and less of the upstairs neighbor. Weeks later, I was surfing the internet at about 3am, I heard the loudest cat meow coming from outside the window, I thought it was a cat in pain or needing help. So I go to open the door, my wife wakes up screaming “CLOSE THE DOOR!! CLOSE THE DOOR!!” She was having a dream and was hearing a voice telling her to wake-up and scream at me to close the door!!
So, she explained that the demon knew I like cats, so the demon mimicked a cat in pain to get me to open the door.Nothing further happened after that, it stopped. We eventually moved because of my job. We asked the landlord about it and he just said “This is a safe quiet area.”

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  1. Hi there! I ran across this, and I’m in Hillcrest, too and have experiences. I’ll tell you straight out where it was, the formerly known Swiss Village Apartments (now 4th Avenue Apartments). If you don’t want to say still, cool, but I’ve a whole scary experience about my complex and have found out some strange things about the land it’s on lately!

  2. This is super late, don’t recall ever seeing a response and so all these years later, I thought to research this complex once again. Moved out over one year ago (2022 now) and lived in several units there, only one had any ‘issues’. It’s super long story, too long to tell here, but had things move, colds spots, and sleepless nights. For one week in a row, horrid pain in middle of the night, couldn’t sleep, but fine in the day. Woke up one evening, saw a ‘man’ at the end of my bed, yelled at him/it to ‘get the F off of me’ and never had any issues again. That was the super short version. Two years later, met a man that had also lived there years ago, and without provocation, said his unit had been haunted. A year or so later, in conversation with a long-time resident (like 25+ years), this individual said he had to move (to the other building at front of complex) from the one in other building (my building) because of the old man that wouldn’t let him sleep. Again, super short versions of all these stories.

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