Pine Valley Ghost Private Residence


Pine Valley Ghost Private Residence Ghost Spirit Haunt
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Pine Valley ghosts haunts
Pine Valley ghosts haunts

My husband and I bought our current home in Pine Valley back in 2012. The home was a very good bargain due to all the work it needed. So we packed up and moved to this charming community. The first thing that made me feel like the spirits of the last owners still reside here was this weird feeling I felt while stripping wallpaper from the master bedroom. It was around 2 pm in the afternoon and I was working to get this old paper off the walls when all of the sudden I got a very fearful feeling like someone was standing behind me. The hair raised up on my head and I was scared to turn around. When I did turn around no one was there. I searched the whole house to see if anyone was in it and there was no one. From this point on, I would not strip the paper from the master bedroom. I had a feeling that what ever was standing behind me was mad at me for removing the paper. Sounds silly I know but that is the feeling I got. About two weeks after the wallpaper event, my neighbor introduces himself and asks me if I have had anything go bump in the night yet? I asked him what he meant by that. He told me that the past woman who had lived here killed herself in the master bedroom. Let me tell you I freaked out. My husband told me it was all hog wash. He does not believe in ghosts. He told me to stop worrying. We checked around town and found out the story was true about the lady. Poor woman!
The next thing that happened in the house gave me the creeps. It was in the morning around 6 am. My husband left for work and my cat jumped in my lap while I sipped my morning cuppa joe and watched the news. All of the sudden my cat LEPT off my lap and ran to the top of the stairs that led to the third floor living room. She began to pace and growl at something in the lower living room. I have NEVER herd her growl before in my life or act this way. I thought maybe a skunk or raccoon had come in through her kitty door so I got up and looked down into the room and there was nothing there. I went out side and looked to see if there was something there but to no avail. I saw nothing. Now this lower living room gave me a funny feeling from the beginning. I know the last resident died there. I am cool with that because we all pass from the here to their some day and many people told me the old gentleman was a wonderful person and loved by the community, so I did not feel threatened just a bit goose bumpy. Well last June I was having a big family BBQ and my little four year old nephew asked his grandma who was that man sitting in my downstairs living room? We were all outside but him. He had to use the restroom and came promptly back out asking who that man sitting there was? His grandma asked him ” What man?” My nephew said “The man sitting in that chair. Then he said oh, he is not there now.” My sister told me what my nephew said and I got a bit creep-ed out but figured as long as no harm was done what could I do if there was a ghost there? A few of my friends have told them that this lower room gives them goose bumps sometimes and it does me too, however: If it is the ghosts of the last residents, they are not mean nor do they scare me. Maybe they are just here to check out the remodeling we are doing. It was there home before mine and I respect that.
The next thing that did freak me out was this. I downloaded the Ghost App from my new cell phone and took it upstairs. I asked it a few questions. All I got was words that made no since. I then asked it if someone died up here in this room and I got the word cancer. I asked again and I got the word pain. Come to find out, the woman who killed herself in the master bedroom did so because she was in a lot of pain due to cancer. This freaked me out a lot. I unloaded Ghost App from my phone and prayed for the lady who had passed. So far, that is all I have experienced from living in this home.

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  1. i know exactly what you mean. I lived in Pine Valley for about a year on Calle Del Bosque the (edited) house on the left if your coming from the road that leads out of the big shopping center in pv…cant remember the name of the street,but that was THE MOST haunted house i ever lived in..crazy things happened there all the this day i still feel like i need to go back there and figure it out and i had dreams for years prior to moving there about things in the attic,although it was just a rental so i wouldnt dare go looking you know?…pine valley is a strange yet special place indeed..

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