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All Haunting’s From Old Town, California.


Presidio Park Ghost Spirit Haunt
Presidio park overlooks Old Town San Diego, California: on Presidio Hill. El Presidio Reál de San Diego – on… [Read More]

Whaley House Mother and Child ghost haunt
Old Town Whaley House Ghost Haunt [User Submitted; previous docent] Taking a picture of the rocking chair, and after having the film developed,… [Read More]

Mission Hills Park Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park aka Pioneer Park cemetery ghost haunt
A Grave Situation. At least with regards to other historic cemeteries, some effort was put forth to show respect for the buried dead. In the case of El Campo Santo, restoration. For the other cemeteries, re-interment into suitable locations… [Read More]

La Casa De Estudillo Ghost Haunt
Built in 1827, when California was part of Mexico’s territory. The adobe house was built for Presidio Commandant, Jose Maria Estudillo. Very notable San Diego haunting… [Read More]

McConaughy House
It may be the spirit of the original owner, John McConaughy, who haunts this building today. John was the first person in San Diego to run a schedu… [Read More]

El Campo Santo cemetery
El Campo Santo cemetery, which was built in 1849. Home to 477 bodies, the cemetery is said to host at least two ghosts, including that of Yankee Jim… [Read More]

Whaley House Ghost Haunt tour spirit poltergeist
There are some human beings who are dimly aware of their own deaths, yet have chosen to stay on Few houses in San Diego are as historically important as the Whaley House. In addition to being the Whaley Family home, it housed a granary, the County Court House… [Read More]

Personal Residence Condo Unit South of Pioneer Park – Ravine
My daughter and her boyfriend recently (2013) moved into a condo that lies behind the ravine on the back end of Pioneer Park. There was some oddities in the acquisition of the condo as the renter decided to forgo expected formalities to expedite the process… [Read More]

Victorian Village in Heritage Park 
SOHO: Save our Historical Organization was formed in January of 1969. The primary objective was to save historic Victorian stlye houses from being demolished and eradicated from the San Diego landscape. The fate of the Gilbert House provided a rallying point for the newly formed organization. SOHO: Save our Historical Organization would go on to save many historic buildings and leave a time capsule for future generations. … [Read More]