Hunter Steakhouse Ghost Spirit Haunt


Hunter Steakhouse Ghost Spirit Haunt
[ User Submitted ] The Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside, California sits on a hill above the Buena Vista Lagoon. The land it sits on was originally the site of the Buena Vista Cemetery, and it seems that not all the spirits followed when the graves were moved. Patrons and employees have constantly reported incidents. The stairwell to the bar area appears to be the home of a female spirit. There is a storage room above the lower dining area and entrance. The room is constantly locked and hardly used. But for some reason the spirits prefer this location when the restaurant gets busy. There are three windows up there, and although they can’t be opened, people feel drawn to gaze at these windows. Also from the second floor an apparition has been reported moving across the room from the fireplace in mid-air. Several people have heard there names called by both male and female voices. Like many other locations of hauntings, objects moving and power surges have been reported as well. The submitter of this haunted places reports seeing a face of a male form out of the chimney, ever so briefly, but it felt welcoming. a former police officer has written about this. He patrolled this area in the 1980’s, while working for the Oceanside Police Department. But the food is Great too.

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  1. Going to be setting up at Miramar for a few days from Pensacola Fl. Staying 4 minutes from there. I am a solo ghost hunter, but I might snap a few pictures and look around, but nothing big. I was at the Whaley house day tour at lunchtime last month. Got followed back to the hotel. Scratches on my shoulder and welts on my neck, like rope burn. I did do an EVP session by the theater upstairs alone. Look forward to coming back.

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