Haunting Deluz Housing Inchon Street


Haunting in Deluz Housing at Inchon Street

Description: Okay so me and my family lived on base at De Luz housing on camp Pendleton, inchon St. It was a big beautiful house. I had my wife and 4 kids. My two boys who were ages 9 & 10 they saw a lady in there bedroom closet. Loud Banging sounds were heard at all times of the day. I Heard a women whisper my name a few times while I was in the laundry room. When my mom would come to visit the activity doubled. I Saw a chair slide about 2 inches by itself in the kitchen. One time while our family and my mom were in the living room at night we all heard loud deep breathing. The sound seemed to be coming from kitchen. Another instance my 10 yr old son get his shirt collar tugged while on his way upstairs.