Spanish estate lakeside Ghost Haunt Spirit


Spanish estate lakeside Ghost Haunt Spirit
[ User Submitted ] In my life I have actually had many encounters with spirits and paranormal experiences,this experience “ran through out our family”. I was 17 years of age, and resided in a large spanish abode in Lakeside, California 92040 .I was the youngest of 5 children of which we all had our own rooms.
I’m basically a doppleganger of my mom in total. I was asleep in my bedroom around one o’ clock In the AM. I woke up with a feeling beyond horror. Something felt so horrifing . I gazed up afraid of what I would see. Their before me I could make out A complete shadow. “He” appeared to be a tall masculine figure hovering above my bed. I could almost discern a dark suit possibly funeral attire, a odd shaped hat. With in a instant the face became clear. Older male, 60-70 years with fiery demonic eyes. I felt a sense of utter hate and rage coming from this presence. My body had become paralyzed. I could do nothing. This demonic presence started to move closer to me. My lifeless mouth now began to breath life. Being, a lady I rarely used the words used at that instant. “Get the F*ck out of hear,” I screamed! Without reason or comprehension the spirit dissolved and was gone.
With out hesitation but filled with all aspect of fear, I made the journey to the other side of the house, to my mothers room. I told my mom end for end that which had happened. My mothers face to on a look of resolved fear. My mother began to open up to me about events I was unaware of from her past. My mother lived in Omaha Nebraska when she was in her teens. Her room was a makeshift bedroom converted from a attic. She too had visits at night from the same demonic entity. A year of terror began for my mother. This demonic entity would appear to her and chase her while laughing. Her experience led her to research at the local library. She decided to confront the entity on her terms. After school she returned home. She sat in a chair and began to call out the spirit. Taunting the entity to confront her of be gone forever. After sitting quietly for some time, A dark mass appeared from the nearest room. The figure began the move closer and closer, till finally it moved with great speed towards her chair. Fear had got the best of my mother ad she ran outside. I think she believed had she stayed seated the entity would have killed her. Though the activity continued for several weeks longer eventually it ceased completely. My visits occurred randomly until the day I moved out.

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