Screaming Tree End of Willow road


Screaming Tree End of Willow road:

Screaming tree Lakeside ghost
Screaming tree Lakeside ghost

[User Submitted]¬†Screaming Tree – In the suburb of Lakeside, at the end of Willow Road, there is a narrow dirt road, down this road some distance (and after passing a slaughterhouse of some sort) there is a clearing with a tree, supposedly if one blasts one’s car horn three times a ghost of a girl will start screaming. Mostly this area is a hangout for dubious characters so it may not be a good idea to go alone.

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  1. We would go out to mile marker 5.5 out in Lakeside- past El Monte park to hang out and drink as kids. I personally have never seen or heard anything. I did get poison oak. I had some friends say they were chased by a transparent figure as they left one night. my beau confided to me that he made up the ghost because he thought it would be funny to scare the drunks. fun place though.

  2. I have seen the screaming tree but did not honk I’m only 9 but the tree was so creepy so I said hey this girl did not die on purpose

  3. i was born and raised in Lakeside, and as a teenager i too attended the tree to see if it was true, and a few acres to the left of “the tree” is a huge cattle ranch/slaughter house. although no girl was screaming, the cattle ranch has a lot of machinery that makes noise as it runs, which sounds like metal rubbing….. which sounds like screeching. the screeching sort of sounds like screaming from a distance. if someone tries this and is so scared to begin with, they may not realize the true cause of the sounds.

  4. That was a prank we use to play on people. the screaming were peakocks ( the animals) well their gone last I checked and so is the screaming lady tree

  5. I heard about this, seeing as I live in Lakeside. I hear its a crock of poo, but I have heard about things happening on that road that do seem very real.

  6. Plenty of scary things happen out there for real I know this. I’ve seen with my own eyes. Stay away dont go out there, the girl screaming might not be real but there’s plenty of stuff that happened that is real. Its evil out there !

  7. I live right a crossed the field from the tree and I think I just heard the screaming… Although I’m thinkin it’s really just a screech owl honestly..

  8. Personally I haven’t seen anything over there but a mile or two up there is a pipe tunnel thing that the road goes over. Around hazy meadows and I found skins of pigs and goats (like gutted kind of but with bones) lying inside the tunnel pipe thing just scattered.

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