Private Residence Lakeside Ghost Spirit Haunt


Private Residence Lakeside Ghost Spirit Haunt:
[ User Submitted ] I used to be a non-believer of some things, I hear people talk of ghosts, UFOs and more. Sometimes I ask where is the proof. Nevertheless there are some un-answered questions.
The following story is true, you can believe it or not, I don’t care. This really happened to me and I am really scared.
This is my sighting;
This happened about 4 years ago, I purchased a house in Lakeside, California. Settling in, I straightened all of the wall hangings. In the morning noticed pictures on the wall were all crooked. I re-aligned all of the pictures using a level and few days later they were all crooked again. After living alone for a year, I invited a friend of mine to rent a room, and he noticed all of the pictures were crooked. In a joking manner I explained to him about something was in the house is moving the pictures on the wall. We joked about a ghost. I at the time did not believe in ghosts. I thought ghosts exist, but you could not see them.
I had a co-worker by the name of Cindy come over to my house one evening. She is a descendant of a family of gypsies somewhere in Europe. She claimed that her Mother and Grandmother could summon, spirits from the past, tell fortunes, etc I did not give it much thought. Cindy said she did not have the “power”, but her daughter Dawn did. Well she arrived at my house with her daughter and upon entering my house Dawn was overcome by something, and said, “Something does not want me here”. I said. “Its not me, you are definitely welcome”. She told me she felt there was an entity in the house that did not want me here. This made me feel funny, in my own house. Cindy told me later she never told her daughter anything about the pictures or anything about a ghost in the house.
I continued to do some research. I got in the Internet, looked into some ghosts chat rooms. One claimed, that the ghost is a prankster, not meaning any harm. Another claimed, this could be a start of something bad, you should becarefull, break a mirror and tape pieces of the mirror in each of my windows with the reflective side looking out. I did none of this, I am sure there is an explanation for the events. I have other reasons for not breaking a mirror
On day I was in my bedroom, which was located in the rear of the house to the right. Sometimes I would stay in there for a whole day working on my computer, reading. While I was reading, I heard my roommate come in from his military reserve duty. I heard him open and close the front door, and come down the hallway and open his bedroom door. Thinking nothing of it, I continued to go on with what I was doing and I would say “hi” later. When I left my room, I looked for Charles and I could not find him anywhere in the house. A couple of minuets later he arrived. I told Charles I did not hear him leave. He said, “Leave, I am just getting here from duty” I explained to him I thought I heard him come home. Charles thought I was crazy or hearing things….
It was about two years later I met someone and she had her house, and I had mine. I stayed with her most of the time. We finally made a decision to buy and house so we can both be together. Her house was for sale and, and at 1664 sq. ft. my house was too small for her. One day I found the perfect house 3000 sq. ft. Perfect for the both of us. She moved in and then I moved in last. Then I sold my house.
It was the month I moved in, I noticed the pictures constantly needed straightened. This is getting to be annoying. Whatever was in my house moved with me? My girlfriend Billie and I joked about moving a ghost in the house. We both would say, what are we going to do? Who are we going to call, Ghostbusters??? We joked and joked; now the joking has stopped.
I work a job that has me on-call. One night I was sitting in my truck warming up my engine. I looked up to the security gate and I saw a figure standing behind my gate. I turned on the truck’s lights and the body disappeared. I was always wondering who that was, or what they were doing outside my security gate at approx. 2:00 A.M. I told only a few people, I do not want my friends to think I am some kind of kook!
When I come home at night I try to be quiet so I don’t wake up my girlfriend. But every time I come into the bedroom, my girlfriend always wakes up. No matter how quiet I am, she wakes up and asks me how was work or something. One night after being out working, I came home as usual, and when I walked into the bedroom, my girlfriend had waken up and asked me who’s kid is that behind you? Naturally, I said what kid??? And according to Billie, the kid ran off. This scared her real bad. She was wide-awake and saw a child right behind me.
If this gives you chills like it gives me, then this will scare you like it scares me, keep reading. This gives me chills just typing it.
I came home another night same routine. When I walked into the bedroom, I saw a child starring over Billie as she was sleeping. Billie woke up and the child ran off, and was instantly gone. I was in shock, I could not speak, I could not move, I was frozen. I have never been that scared in my life. I told Billie that I just saw the child she saw before. I explained how it ran off. Billie confirmed my sighting, because the child ran off in the same manner. Just telling the story gives me watery eyes, chills, and goose bumps.
Another night, I got up in the night to get a drink from the refrigerator upstairs. I have good night vision and I navigate throughout the house never turning a light on. In the kitchen I left the light off as I got a soda out of the frig (I am addicted to soda) I closed the refrigerator door as the light went off I was regaining my night vision, I turned 90` and there was the child, almost close enough to touch him or her, I could not tell. Within a blink it was gone. I came down stairs quick, not wanting to alarm Billie; I went back to bed not to get out until morning. Now I am scared, I do not feel safe in the house. I asked Billie to sell the house and we will move. I am afraid the entity will move with me again. I am scared because I do not understand, I do not know what the child wants, why moving the pictures, why following me around the house??? Is someone trying to tell me something???
Another night while sleeping I woke up quick. I heard a noise and looked into the mirror of the dresser, which is in front of our bed. I can see the stairs located down the hallway. I could see a body slowly walking down the stairs, a child. I thought I was dreaming. I leaped out of bed to see and nothing was there. This is getting too strange. Ii looked to see if Billie’s daughter Chelsea got up, but she was sound asleep.

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  1. Freakish. I’m a totally chicken shit, so for you even tolerating this is beyond brave. I don’t have any answers to your questions. Maybe ask the daughter of your friend to help you with your situation. I’ve heard though, once a ghost has an affinity to a person, it rarely leaves.

    1. I also grew up in a haunted house in Lakeside… Do you have any knowledge of the home ever being a one story house at one time and a second story being built on at a later time? All of the worst occurrences happened in a downstairs bedroom (then it was only a one story home) at the back bedroom down the hall to the right. Also in a bedroom in the second to last bedroom in the same hallway on the left adjacent to a bathroom.

  2. I don’t know if moving will help as it sounds like it will just follow you again.

  3. Hard to tell what someone can handle emotionally, or psychologically for that matter. There are good points, such as this child spirit isn’t violent as an example. Thank goodness for polite child spirits that don’t do terrible things. Still at the same time, child spirits have been known to throw fits of tantrums, like real kids do… so, perhaps without giving advice — be happy for this situation.

  4. Growing up in a very ‘active’ family home–still in the family, and still active–I have openly interacted with, as well as rebuked, various spirits from a young age. My friends and I all have experience with investigating events and would love to help you out. If the ‘child’ entity has not harmed you or Billie, or her daughter, then there is room for negotiation. Many people are not emotionally equipped for this negotiation.

  5. Wow this is really scary. Have you done anything to try to get rid of the ghost recently? I’d really like to know what has happened since.

  6. Hi, for a reason it followed you, because you noticed it. if it was me i would have the house blessed and YOU need to tell her she is dead and to move on because her family is waiting for her on the other side. I never believed in ghosts, until I saw one, I didn’t ask to see it. And it was my girlfriends dead husband! but it was like pixels and lasted a split second, long enought to see what his hat said and see his features. weird but true. happen 3 times and collaborated by 2 other people who were NOT told of what I saw. They told me what they saw and i said so did i! this is so true and now I know it is real, there is a life after death, some type of life. I’m glad it didn’t hurt me! it was like he was checking on his kids! I hear now that he is gone. The daughter got married so I guess he was happy and left. Changed my life to know this is true, there is a life after death and the dead can come back. but how do they lock a door that needs a key?

  7. Have you thoght about trying to talk to the chid using a tape recorder? Ask her who she is, why she is following you? You may want to consider having a team come in and see if they can determine anything. It definatly sounds like this child i linked to you and not location. I know your probably thinking are you nuts! But it could be attached to you for a number of reasons. If anything, I would let them know that they re welcome as long as they remember that it is your home and that as long as they do not hurt anyone you are ok with them there. As someone whome has investigated paranormal, as well as a sensitive, I would be glad to talk to the group I work with if you would like and come see if we can help ease your mind about this.

  8. Sounds like that’s the child you were surpose to have.
    That was my first thought when I read your story, sorry if it upsets you, that’s not my point. Just thought I’d tell you what I see/felt thought your words.

  9. I have heard stories of people having things follow them that assume the look of a child. It starts off with small pranks and whatnot and grows into something much worse. Not saying that is what is going on with you, but be very careful. Try and capture some evidence of it and take it to paranormal researchers, then maybe someone who can perform a powerful cleansing on you.

  10. I would be happy to help you speak with the child and help him transition to the other side. I do this on a ‘donation’ basis. If you would like to contact me, you can go to my website to get my email address. I do not advertise this service, as I do it on a voluntary, donation basis.

  11. I used to live in Lakeside years back…1986 in fact. And the place was pretty haunted. We had two spirits there and one was a child. The other was what my nephew’s step mother (She’s Native American) called a Shade or Shadow people. Freaked the hell out of me. And still gives me the goose bumps. Stupid ghost.
    However, in your case, this child spirit is non malevolent and you should be okay. Seriously, it just sounds like they’re curious and harmless. Try talking to them. Give this spirit reassurances that if he/she respects you, you will respect them.

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