Lakeside Historical Society Church and Museum Ghost


The Lakeside Historical Society Church and Museum Ghost- The historical society is located at 9906 Maine Ave, Lakeside, CA 92040. A case for ghosts. Staff writer Dan Scott participated in the 2014 paranormal investigation. The focus of the investigation was the historic old church in Lakeside, Ca. The 2014 investigation was sanctioned by Susan Brown. Susan was the president of the Lakeside Historical society (LHS) at the time of the investigation.  

Robert Tea is a professional photographer, ghost hunter, and a member of the Lakeside Historical Society. Bob wrote an article for the October 2018 LHS newsletter titled, “Is the Old Lakeside Church and Museum Haunted?”

Ghost Hunting At The Lakeside Historical Society

In the article Bob outlines his connection with the LHS. Bob also explains how EVP phenomena led to his request for the initial investigation in 2014. The evidence collected by Bob helped guarantee a second investigation in 2018. The premiere ghost hunting team San Diego Paranormal Eye was also present for both investigations. Both Bob and SDPE have had a close working relationship in the paranormal, ghost hunting field for several years.

When asked if the Lakeside historical society museum and church is haunted by ghosts? Bob responds, “Haunted (that’s a word I normally don’t use), I ask them this question, If you were a spirit that decided to hang around after your time on the Earth was over, why would you stay in this museum? The simple answer may be that it’s quiet, only open a few hours a week, and is full of items that may be familiar to them. To a spirit, our museum may be the ideal place to escape the fast pace that Lakeside has become since their time in mortality!”

No members of San Diego Haunted were able to return for the 2018 investigation. As for the 2014 investigation, after reviewing some of the evidence caught by Bob and San Diego Paranormal Eye, we feel confident that some part of the past seems to be living on in the present. Call it ghosts or the paranormal either way something appears to be there.