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All Haunting’s From Lakeside, California.


Lakeside Historical Society Church and Museum Ghost
[Admin Submitted] San Diego Haunted representative Dan Scott was invited as a witness and participant of a 2014 investigation of the historical old church in Lakeside, Ca…. [Read More]

El Monte Rd. Residence Barn Ghost Spirit Haunt
[Uer Submitted] A barn, the last remnant from the, “El Monte Dairy Complex”, of Lakeside, California w… [Read More]

Spanish estate lakeside Ghost Haunt Spirit
[ User Submitted ] Ghost Haunt Spirit: In my life I have actually had many encounters with spirits and paranormal experiences,this experience &quo… [Read More]

Screaming Tree Willow Road Ghost Spirit
[User Submitted] In the suburb of Lakeside, at the end of Willow Road, there is a narrow dirt road, down this road some distance (and after passing… [Read More]

Private Residence Lakeside Home House Ghost Spirit Haunt
[ User Submitted ] I used to be a non-believer of some things, I hear people talk of ghosts, UFOs … [Read More]