Famous Susan Marie Driscoll murders and ghost haunt


Famous Susan Marie Driscoll murders and ghost haunt
[ User Submitted ] On September 25, 1976 Susan Marie Driscoll, later found innocent by reason of insanity, for the deaths of her estranged husband John Walsh, and two children Philip (13) and Dawn (11). All three died as a result of gunshot wounds.
The house on Maya*** Drive was sold to David and Susan Sohr, who told staff writer Dave Polis of the Evening Tribune, of eerie similarities between the two families, of odd experiences witnessed in the home, and once felt the spirit of Driscoll in the home.  No further experiences have been reported since the 1980’s.

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  1. I remember this very well ! Dawn Driscoll went to Valhalla at the same time I did. In the 1977 Ragnarok yearbook, there is a large photo of Dawn in the middle of page 113. Dawn’s younger brother went to school with one of my brothers at Emerald Jr. High.
    Susan Driscoll was released in 1982 (at age 41) from Patton State Hospital in San Bernadino. She’d be around 75 or so now. Wonder what happened to her. She did have a degree of some sort in criminal psychology…go figure.

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