Haven Bakery Ghost Haunt Spirit


Haven Bakery Ghost Haunt Spirit
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Haven Bakery Ghost Haunt Spirit
The story goes, the owner found his daughter had hung herself. He went insane and killed all his employees, stuffing them into a restroom.

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  1. It’s in Jamul. Not Chula Vista. I lived in Jamul and drove past it at least twice a day.

  2. I went to the Haven yesterday, November 1, 2010, All Saints Day, coincidentally. The sign is still there but the land has been scraped clear.
    I went there in the 1990’s when it was still a functioning restaurant and bakery. Very good food.
    The place is in JAMUL, not Chula Vista, off Campo Road near Vista Sage Road.
    I remember an old lady running the place.
    I never heard the haunted house stories until I Googled the place this morning.
    What’s the real story?

  3. I went to where the Haven Restaurant and Bakery site is in Jamul in August of 2009. The sign and a gate for the bakery was still there. Also, the little waterfall/pond was still there. The barn next to the bakery was still standing. Only one cement post from the bakery was still standing. As far as the restaurant/bakery, all that’s left is gravel.

  4. I want to help out the confusion on this story. First the HAVEN bakery in question was in Jamul, not in the East county. Secondly the building has been rebuilt / torn down. This story has changed several times here is the truth. The only death – a little girl fell down the stairs in the basement and was later declared dead at the hospital not at the location. This location is a urban legend like so many others.

  5. can anyone give me the specific directions to where the haven bakery was standing. ialways go thru proctor valley road but it seems just a dirt road to another city, thats it

  6. Place was haunted ive experianced stuff but what doesnt add up is th3res no facts about what accured there… which makes me want to doubt it but i kno ive seen

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