Southwest High school high ghost spirit haunt


Southwest High school high ghost spirit haunt:
[User Submitted] There is a legend about a cheerleader from the year 1998 who won the national championships and was killed right after it. There has been some rumors of ghosts, and in the year 2004 a student was believed to be killed from the ghost of the cheerleader. Rumors of a fatal love tryst between a cheerleader and a football player. Mind you this is all rumors.

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  1. We (SDH) looked into this claim briefly. There is some factual basis for parts of this claim however, We can find NO actual claims of the paranormal taking place. The 1998 San Diego Southwest High School Cheerleaders did win the National Co-ed Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, Florida. Based on many searches of the social security death index none of the 18 members are deceased. The team members are a diverse group of 18 young women and men. They are: Sharyne Beza; Gail Buntingan; Alex Cardenas; Letty Cervantes; Lilygene Craig; Carla Cruz; Hilda Cruz; Wilver Dela Cruz; Tito Enriquez; Alejandra Gonzalez; Angela Guerrero; DeeJay Hunter; William Mangull; Edwin Monzon; Ian Navarette; Liezel Padiernos; Liz Trevino; and Tanya Snyder.

    We were unable to find a 2004 death of interest regarding SouthWest High School. However, in 2005 Samson Mendoza, 21, and Basilio Bernard, 22, were arrested for the murder of 17 year old Donna Hernandez, who was shot to death during a robbery on October 28, 2005. A living tribute to Donna remains on her myspace page Donna Also A news story for her death can be found here. News link Union Tribune

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