El Senior de los Lodos | Folklore Mexicana


El Senior de los Lodos | Folklore Mexicana:
[ User Submitted ] San Diego County, ( Tijuana Estetuary ) I’m really surprised nobody ever talks about “Senor Lodos” and how this Character is often seen chasing people in the sand dune area, where the Pacific Ocean enters and exits . Valencia Street, by the Boarder Patrol Parking Lot… I think, in my opinion it will not be a¬†disappointment¬† If you’re serious about wanting to experience the paranormal why this area is active. Yet at the same time, Nobody really wants to talk about this being that San Diego is a tourist town. Yes, it is a dangerous place and especially at night. I’m curious why imperial beach is never mentioned.

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  1. ???? ok what? Seriously Senior Lodos is just another mythical urban legend like the chuppacabra.

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