Home Residence El Cajon Ghost Haunt Spirit


Home Residence El Cajon Ghost Haunt Spirit
[ User Submitted ] I no longer reside at this home, as such I will not post it’s location other than El Cajon. I purchased this home in January 2007 and ‘short sold’ it a year later. At the time I was recently divorced I scraped enough money to buy a 2 bedroom 1 bath home ( very small ). The house had been vacant for almost 2 years and was a steal at 180,000 considering other comps in that area were 350,000. Shortly after moving in I was painting the truncated living room. I set the paint can down on the floor. As I started to paint I heard a loud thud and felt paint splatter all over me. Apparently the paint bucket flew 6 feet from behind me, it hit the ladder and the paint was all over me. It was odd but I wrote it off to uneven floors. Things didn’t get much better after that. I would hear full conversations late at night while trying to sleep. It was muffled and almost like a buzzing type speech. I could make out two separate female voices seemingly interacting. They seemed harmless but scary none the less. When I would attempt to locate the source of the voices it would stop. Sometimes I would hear doors opening and closing, though i don’t think any doors were actually physically moved. The thing that really irritated me the most was dishes breaking. Numerous times I would wake up to find a dish or coffee cup smashed on my kitchen floor. It got to the point that I put my dishes in storage and changed to plastic cups and plates. I attempted to capture audio and visual via webcam, I got a few odd voices but nothing super substantial. The last straw for me was my last night sleeping in that house. There was a power outage that lasted about 5 hours. I had 1 flashlight with brand new batteries. Everything was dead quiet and boredom sent me off to bed early. I was nearly asleep when the activity jumped off the charts. The regular female voices started but this time it sounded like a argument – a door slammed (audible ) A female blood curdling scream followed. I wanted to get up and run out but I felt like a rush of wind passed through me and paralyzed me momentarily. I managed to get up and run for the bedroom door, as I passed the threshold I ran through a solid black mass that resembled a triangular headed 4 foot tall thing. I made it to my car and slept in it till morning. Over the next few months I managed to live at my parents, I talked with my loan person and Realtor about a possible short sell. The Realtor meet me at my house. The Realtor said right from the start, she knew this house’s history very well. She had tried to sell it before. This is the story behind this house. A family had lived there in the early 80’s the mother died of a onset heart attack. A week later her 23 year old daughter died of a onset heart attack. The father distraught slit his wrists ( but survived ). The mother daughter had a heart defect which lead to their deaths. I was the third owner in a series of owners who turned to house over. This information was never disclosed to me at purchase. I now live in Nevada with a my new wife and have had no more such adventures.

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  1. Sounds like a chillingy story. I wish i could know at least what street it’s on. I live in El Cajon and I’ve never experienced anything but your story really interesst me. There is an abandoned house near Granite Hills that always gives me the chills when I pass it.

    1. I too live in the area and would like to know. We are second owners purchased from my in-laws, first owners. But I’m very leary about moving especially since reading your story. I thought such things had to be disclosed, but apparently not.

  2. My name is Josh, im a 14 year old and founder of R.I.P Paranormal in El Cajon CA. Let me tell you what you experienced, was residual paranormal phenomenon. It is the most common kind of haunting ( next to demonic). What you’ve stated are classic paranormal symptoms of a haunted location. I would love to have an investigation at your old house. It seems off the hook.

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