Delmar Fair Race Track Ghost Haunt Spirit


delmar racing ghost
Delmar racing and fair

Delmar Fair Race Track Ghost Haunt Spirit
[User Submitted] Delmar, California has been home of the famous Delmar American Thoroughbred horse racing track since 1937. The track and associated structures have been visted by the Rich, famous, and average joe seeking to strike paydirt. The Del Mar Thoroughbred Club will celebrate 75 years as a world-class racing and entertainment destination on    Wednesday, July 18, 2012.
The last decade of the Delmar race track has added a new perspective on the term, living history. Emp-loyees (past and present) of the Del Mar Fairgrounds; exchanged personal experiences for years of ab-normal noises and other suspected auditory phen-omnena usually in the evening especially in the grandstand; A place where The famous and Hollywood elite gathered for decades to cavort, carouse and bet on the ponies.
Linda Zweig (Fairgrounds spokeswoman) claims her own ghostly experiences and is on record stating, many employees have reported hearing ghostly hoofbeats on the track late at night, the clatter of dinningware, disembodied voices and laughing, doors closing or locking on their own, odd lighting issues, unexplainable shadows in a mirror, cold spots, even ball lightening traveling slowly down a hallway.
Rumor is that Dan Smith, a media representative for the racetrack during the 1960s, claimed a National Enquirer reporter had called to report someone had seen 1940s actor and racetrack devotee George Raft standing in line to buy a ticket long after he died.
An operations manager at the fair grounds claims a number of strange experiences in the grandstand building. The first was occured one night in 1996 while walking past the men’s room on the 2nd floor. He heard water running. To his surprise nary a bit of water was found in any of the rest rooms.
A San Dego based paranormal team was invited to conduct several paranormal investigations in the grandstand’s fifth floor; a popular rooftop nightclub before the building was completely rebuilt in the early 1990s, and in the second-floor pub-bar. The group is on record stating the following personal experiences, as well as a series of evdience presented on their website: a glimpse of dark shadows in time specific clothing, clinking bar glasses, a passing smell of cigar smoke in a empty building. Whether or not the Delmar racetrack is or is not haunted is left to be seen.

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