Hotel Del Coronado Kate Morgan Ghost Spirit Haunt


Hotel Del Coronado Kate Morgan Ghost Spirit Haunt
The Bottom Line: Ask for Kate Morgan’s room. In 1892, a young woman checked into the Hotel Del Coronado to meet her estranged husband for Thanksgiving. He never arrived to meet her, and a few days later, she was found dead on the hotel steps near the ocean. Since then, guests and staff of the Hotel Del Coronado have noticed strange breezes, ghostly noises and the pale figure of a young lady walking in a black lace dress.
The Haunting of the Hotel Del Coronado: Within room 3502, more than 37 abnormal readings were taken by parapsychologists in a single day. [Featured Story]

2 thoughts on “Hotel Del Coronado Kate Morgan Ghost Spirit Haunt

  1. Room 3327 is the room in which the Beautiful Stranger stayed the last week of November 1892.(reputedly Kate Morgan, although this identity has been challenged in the past few years). Room 3502 has had PK disturbances, some reported in early 2008. This room has nothing to do with the Beautiful Stranger legend.

  2. Kate (Farmer) Morgan, registered under the alias Lottie Bernard, checked into room 302, on November 23rd. On November 29, 1892, she was found dead.
    Kate checked in and was going to meet with her brother there that weekend, official transcripts report. Kate was married to Tom Morgan. He was off trying to win money a poker, that was his job. Kate became pregnant and wanted to settle down. Supposedly Tom did not want to settle down.

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