Proctor Valley Road Ghost Haunt Spirit


Proctor Valley Road Ghost Haunt Spirit
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Haunted by a ghostly figure of a woman wearing a long white dress is occasionally seen walking along the side of the road. People who have pulled over to offer a ride, look back to discover she has disappeared.

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  1. thsi place is sooo creepy at night…
    if you want to get a good scare then i suggest going to procter valley and wait it out to see if you will be able to see the white lady..i didnt see anything but maybe you will get lucky

  2. I was in a vehicle that was chased by a mysterious car that appeared out of nowhere. Except we only saw headlights. It WAS dark out but we still saw no reflections off of metal or any sign of the car’s body.

      1. I grew up in Jamul in the 70’s and early 80’s.
        We teens would often dare or bet people they couldn’t drive it at 3am.
        One time two friends had snuck out during a party to make out on Proctor Valley Road.
        Later they came flying up the driveway, screaming and crying that they had been chased by something on the dirt road.
        These two weren’t supposed to be together. They were both cheating. So coming back to the party like that together, everyone believed them because they had to admit they were messing around.
        I know live on the Chula Vista side of proctor valley road. I told my stories to my daughter and her friends to keep them from going out there and getting into trouble.
        Still, I believe the area to be haunted. Truly!

    1. i have too expericed the headlights they chased us to the end on the proctor valley entrace the girl in the car screamed when the big black car drove by slow she said she saw a blank face like a man with nothing on his face it was crazy scary about 3 years ago

  3. There are kkk at proctor alot of my friends have gotten chased down by them in cars!

  4. Besides the “Lady in White” hitchhiker, there were stories of a mysterious “chupacabra” that lives out on that dusty dirt road near the Otay resevoir by an outcropping of trees down in a gully that locals have dubbed “The Proctor Valley Monster”. Its said to be part human, part animal, part monster. It stands upright with glowing red eyes, has reptile like spines on its back, can jump great distances, & sucks the blood out of livestock w/o spilling a drop. Years ago we dared to venture out into Proctor Valley one dark Halloween night armed only with a flashlight & a dummy fashioned out of old clothes sewn together with a mask and stuffed with newspaper. We found the grove of eucalyptus trees and hung our buddy high off the ground with rope and waited…….it was pitch black out there with only a thin beam of light from our now fading flashlight batteries. Soon pure darkness, then we all turned toward the sound of rustling leaves in the underbrush, with no light to see we all scrambled back into the pickup and took off back towards the city lights. We were so scared we didnt dare go back until the morning sunlight peaked over Mt. Miguel. We hurried back down the dusty trail to the tree where we left our stuffed pal high in the air only to find the rope shredded (not cut) & the dummy ripped to pieces & strewn throughout a 1/4 mile radius near that grove. The tree still stands today as a reminder of our adventure even though some of the dirt road has now been paved over & much of the rural farmland has now been turned into an area known as Otay Ranch. Although fairly urbanized at first, there is still a long, lonely, dark & dusty, dirt portion of Proctor Valley you wont catch me on in the wee hours of the night ever again!

  5. There is a hidden town where the kkk live. In the hills of Proctor Valley.

  6. we use to live by this road that is creepy i use to hunt procter valley,me and my buddy 1 eye.. we have ben on foot out there 4 2 or 3 days at a time never seen anything other then mountain lions and bob cats,wet backs cows cyotes ,was always hopin to find it/shoot it …ive stayed out there alone overnite on the mountain slept in the rocks,left my 4×4 down below heard all kinds of things never saw anything even with my nitevision but doesnt mean it aint true …..

  7. I drove down there with some friends and didn’t see anything but it was super creepy. theres so many stories ive read idk what to think. It was weird that while we were driving at like 1 am another car came from the opposite direction but idt it was a ghost car or anything, i just thought it was weird that someone else would be out there. Has anyone heard of the barrett house thats on proctor valley? Ive been there and ive heard it’s haunted…..

    1. One of my parents friends lives there it’s not haunted
      I’ve been there plenty of times! But the proctor valley monster I’ve seen with my own two eyes

    2. Yes the barrett house is very haunted we used to go there for about 4 yrs its haunted with a man wearing all blk and Alitalia girl if ur sitting in the barn u will see the man in the corner just watching u then he’ll throw a brick at u

  8. I’ve been to the barrett house several times and Im surprised no one has heard of it. ive been told its haunted but havn’t seen or heard anything except an owl that lives in there. Has anyone heard of sketchy stuff going on there?

  9. its been told that the “proctor valley monster” is really KKK that have meetings in the mountains over there. and kill whoever come through.

    1. too much traffic now a days , with biking and hikers, good thing they scrapped that new community they wanted to build.

  10. I’ve been there 4 separate times with my friends, the first time we we’re terrified of what we would see but in the end we didn’t see anything and it was 3:45 am. The second time we brought flash light and went at 11:30 pm and parked half way up to Jamul on the rode and didn’t see anything so we got pretty bummed. The third time we got a picture of something but we can’t tell if it’s a ghost or not and the fourth time we didn’t see anything but a tarantula. So basically nothing happens there because we taunt anything out there and try to communicate.

  11. I’ve been there at least 10 if not more times, it’s a place we like to go after a night of partying or if there’s nothing to do and we can find people who aren’t scared. The story I heard was that if you park on the road at night and turn your car off it wont turn back on, and I have friends who are older than me that went long before we met and they went to the Haven Bakery, where the dad killed his daughter or something and anyways the place is haunted and they went one time and swore they saw something, but years later when they took me the place had been torn down and built into apartments, but the Haven Bakery sign is still there hung up on the side of the road. Also a guy told me one time about how he parked his car on the side and found a trail somewhere and after walking down it they found a tree with a swing attached to it and I guess it started moving on it’s own and then a loud scream came out of nowhere so they ran, they called it the swinging tree, but I still haven’t found that one.

  12. ‘John & Jane Doe’ deaths challenge coroners’ skills, compassion
    The San Diego Union Tribune
    By Dick Weber, Staff Writer
    December 28, 1983
    From this article;
    “A dead-end trail that sticks most in Larkie’s mind began and ended in a rocky ravine in Proctor Valley, in eastern San Diego County. There the body of a Caucasian girl he estimated to be 14 to 17 had been dumped in Proctor Valley.
    Because she was so young, Larkie was sure she would be quickly identified. He was wrong. Today, seven years later, the girl remains a Jane Doe.”
    She still is an unidentified murder victim; Doe Network case 857ufca, found on Valentine’s day, February 14, 1978
    The victim’s charred remains were found next to the pavement of Proctor Valley Road in the rural area of Otay near the San Miguel Ranch area of Chula Vista. The Monsters are real; the only thing is they are not flying cow like things or mysterious blue men, they look just like us

  13. 10+ years ago I went through Proctor Valley and my exit would be Eastlake Parkway as I was traveling the dirt road I noticed at a distance I could see something on fire not exactly sure what it was the only thing I could think of was the KKK were in that area possibly doing one of there cross burning’s. Other times I’ve been on that road I haven’t seen nor heard anything so the haunted aspect I’m still looking for it.

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