Chase Avenue Ghost Lights


Chase Avenue Ghost Lights
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Balls of light and strange smoke smells. This was so real ghost hunters did flock. The pictures the submitter recorded may not amaze you but they invite you to see what they saw every night. The balls of light showed up every night for months then disappeared -The light show made local news.

5 thoughts on “Chase Avenue Ghost Lights

    1. I rented a house on chase and had many encounters with Ghost , you see my daughter sees them since little every house we moved into she’s seen but the house on chase the elderly couple in my living room that my husband saw was very scary , they were sitting on my sofa and watching tv , but the tv was off and my husband asked who are you and what are you doing in my house , my husband freaked out when they both turned and said we’re watching tv and many other things but not just my house the whole block had ghost encounters

    2. Does this happen to be near Chase and Magnolia? There once was a senior living care home. It was removed, and condos or apartments were built, just down a block from Chase Elementary.

    1. Yes, they were seen in the lower quadrant of the sky above El Cajon around Chase Avenue and it was in the news there was a copy on youtube but it has been since taken down. More than likely it was not paranormal.

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