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Area 41Ghost

Area 41 Nautilus St Camp Pendleton ghostA.K.A Las Flores Estancia Adobe was incorporated into Camp Pendleton in 1942. Established in 1823 as an estancia (“station”). It was part of the Spanish missions, asistencias, and estancias system in Las Californias—Alta California. Las Flores Estancia was situated approximately halfway between Mission San Luis Rey de Francia and Mission San Juan Capistrano.

According to local legend, a priest was murdered at the site when an outpost of Mission San Luis Rey stood near the adobe (one variation holds that the killing was done by local Indians being used as forced labor for the mission).

One of the best-noted accounts of the paranormal came from author Jerome Baumgartner in “Rancho Santa Margarita Remembered.” Baumgartner, was a great-grandson to co-owner Richard O’Neill in the late 1800s. Baumgartner recounts, recounts a family story about two women who saw a pair of Franciscan monks standing in their room in the adobe. As the frightened women grabbed each other, the monks said, “Be calm, my children” and drifted from the room. Elena Patricia Alderete, the niece of Ruth Magee (whose family leased the property from 1888 to 1967 and raised beans on the surrounding land so successfully that one Jane Magee was known as “The Bean Queen”), visited Las Flores during the 1950s and ’60s and remembers tales of a female ghost who roamed the building’s upper story. One rumor has it that the woman was a resident who died of a wasting disease, possibly tuberculosis, on the premises.

Jerome Herrington property manager from 1998 accounts (20 years earlier) of a marine corporal checking on a sentry who guarded the adobe saw a man wearing a burlap-colored priest’s habit, speaking in a language he couldn’t understand. When he [looked] back, no one was there.” In 1999 Herrington’s son reported, “He heard the sound of a horse neighing, but when he went out, there was no horse or tracks.”
The most recent accounts of the paranormal ghost haunt seem to be witnessed by Marines stationed at Area 41 Camp Pendleton.

Three different ghost accounts follow;

“I remember when I was in Marine Corps boot camp at MCRD San Diego I got dropped from my training platoon to a Medical Rehab Platoon. Well, strange things happened to me here, like things disappearing, unknown locks being placed on people’s things, and more missing stuff. From what I have heard, recruits have committed suicide in those squad bays. I’m surprised there isn’t anything on the internet about that.”

“I was stationed right across the fence line from you at RTC/NTC San Diego back in 1980. We had the same suicide stories. Like with anything military, it would be kept private and only those of us that were stationed there would know about it. It isn’t like the military is going to admit to it happening. However, I do remember instances standing midnight to 4:00 am watch not to mention grounds watch, particularly the ones that included the track and fence line that separated MCRD from RTC/NTC. Midnight runners, recruits marching, not to mention phantom artillery fire from the firing range were witnessed.”

“This incident happened to us up in Camp Pendleton, CA. My squadron had left for a week of field training. When we returned about 10 marines including me had our lockers tampered with. I couldn’t even open my combination lock. Investigations went on and nobody knows to this date after a year. Not to mention the marine who loses his cell phone after turning his back to just get a shirt. The sim card appears on his bed the next day. ”

Some claim the paranormal ghost haunt is based on the suicide of one marine, in the second upstairs barracks. The second-story room in one of the barracks is haunted by the ghost of a Marine. He shot himself after finding out his fiance left him. The ghost moves furniture, hums the song to “Jeopardy”, and has struck another Marine sleeping in the room. People in the room feel the ghost is there watching them.

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  1. bld 41303. one of my corprals lived in this room and said the refrigerator would just open. chairs would move i’ll see if i can find out the room number sometime.

    1. So the ghost at the barracks on the second floor, corner room is named Sergeant Tran. He was my Section Chief. We had just gotten back from deployment, and apparently he discovered that his girlfriend up in Garden Grove was pregnant. It was Thursday and thus field day. He took his rifle to the barracks to clean it, and shot himself. I was right across the street when it happened.

      1. Way too many untold cases of military suicide. In this modern era I wish there was a easy method to find and treat people with suicidal or other dangerous mental illness. Todd thanks for your service and sharing.

  2. One of my Sergeants lived in the barracks. His cup full of water moved by itself once, along with a few other short occurances. Not sure if it’s the same room.

  3. If you live here, please contact us. My husband and I have a paranormal group and have been wanting to go there.

    1. I live on mainside, and in my room particular, I can’t stand to even step foot in there. Things move around, hear footsteps at night, lights turn on. Whenever you try to sleep in there you feel a presence watching you. My old roommate refused to sleep in there after he told me he had diverging sit on his bed and move towards his head. On two separate occasions, two different roommates woke me up telling me there was someone in the room. That’s why I moved out for a year. Now I’m moving back in.. To 13081 … Rm ***

    2. I was just in 41 area. Walked around to see how things changed throughout the years. Visited my old room. I stayed in the cottages on Delmar. Ever since that night of strange occurrences, it has followed me home every night something different happens. I would like to know if anyone has similar experiences or know what’s going on. My girlfriend and I and pretty freaked out.

    1. I knew him he was my Section Chief in T 5/11, and I was right across the street at the armory when it happened. His name was Sergeant Mighn Man Tran. It’s the corner room on the second floor facing west.

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