Imperial Historic Cemetery – Imperial CA Ghost Haunt


Imperial Historic Cemetery – Imperial, CA Ghost Haunt
Imperial Historic Cemetery Imperial, CA Ghost Haunt Earliest recorded Burial: 1903 Latest recorded Burial: 6/19/1949 Geographical coordinates N 32° 52.295 W 115° 33.665 – Cemetery no longer in service. AKA Clark Road cemetery Imperial California.
Dignity in death? Not at the Imperial Historic Cemetery, Imperial California. When most people imagine there final resting place they envision, a place where loved ones can come and visit in serenity. Not so at this cemetery. 205 recorded interred remains exist on public record. The numbers should be suspect. Stacy Vellas a resident of Brawley doing self research into the cemetery in 2000, Stacy implied more remains may exist than the recorded number. In any case, only 30 grave markers remain of the 205 burials. Nearly everything that reamins at this cemetery is in deplorable condition including the ground, earth, itself. Saturated with high alkalai, nothing grows here, it is a desolate place surrounded by a chain-link fence. Most tombstones are either broken or cracked, with scattered pieces lying about.
John Fellers digging a nearby canal for the Imperial Irrigation District, he and other workers found human bones mixed in with the dirt according to forensic examiners, The bones belonged to the nearby cemetery. Prone to flooding, as the land has poor natural drainage, the ground becomes marsh like. Walking across the cemetery after rains should be avoided.
The paranormal ghost activity. The Imperial Historic Cemetery appears on nearly every ghost website featuring California cities. The Imperial Valley Press Online have several articles relating to the possible paranormal occuring at this location. The historic cemetery has become, a point of interest, to the spreading numbers of local California self based paranormal research groups.
One such group declared:
I’ve been out there at night, and it is one of the scariest places I’ve ever encountered. We (a group of about 9) charged our camcorders (we had three), and within 45 seconds of being on the grounds, all of our batteries died. In the back of the cemetery there are some big salt cedars, and in front of them, we saw several cloaked dark figures staring at us, all the while our hairs on our bodies were standing on end. We heard something nearby us, and all of us freaked and raced to get out of there. Even during the day, this place gives off an unsettling feeling, like melancholy. This was the last time I’ll ever go into a cemetery after dark. Definitely scarier than the Whaley House.
Another group declared:
Iv’e been out there at around 12:00am and nothing happened. I had two other people with me and we just walked around talked about how old the cement stones were, I actually found the historic names of some of the first people to live in the valley quite fascinating. I did take a few photos, and hung out there for like 3 hours, not once did I feel spooked, unwelcomed, or suspicious of on lookers from another world haha. Anyhow I do feel that it’s a very peaceful cemetary.
Even the self expert on the cemetery, Stacy Vellas has offered an opinion. In a interview with the Imperial Valley Press, Stacy waves off any tales of spirits and restless souls. She doesn’t believe in those sorts of things, she said. Then in a article by (Co-recorder with Vellas) steve Paul Johnson this explanation is offered, “There have been reports of a glowing light dancing in the cemetery. Apparently, there is a light on a water tower near the cemetery which reflects off of a black marble tombstone that causes this eerie glow.”

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  1. I’ve been out there around one in the morning and it was very peaceful, but I did take a picture with my phone and then looked at the pic after while still at the cemetary and didn’t see anything at that time so I went to my car and looked at the pic again and there was a human figure in front of the tree but it looked like the outline of a person and It like a shadow….

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